Fabulous Celebrity Fashionistas Over 40…and 50!

Age is just a number. And even wearing a mask can’t keep these celebrity fashionistas over 40 and 50 from looking their best. But is age really “just a number?” What happens after the twenties fly by? Why is it people assume forty and fifty-somethings can’t “risk it” or wear whatever they want after they hit a certain age? (If you got it, flaunt it? Amirite?)

Fabulous Celebrity Fashionistas Over 40 and 50

This topic can be controversial and is one for which I don’t have an answer. Some people believe that after a certain age, there needs to be a certain way one puts clothes together. On the other hand, there are plenty of fashionistas who still play up the latest trends and don’t care what anyone says.

In short, there’s no right answer. And because there’s no right answer, I choose to focus on the celebrity fashionistas who are over 40 (and 50!). They continue to prove their style know-how never gets old.


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Celebrity \over 50 SJP fountainof30

Sarah Jessica Parker, 55

Photos often come up of Sarah Jessica Parker on the mean streets of New York City, clad in blue jeans and a casual sweater, ballet flats, and her signature shades. That’s why it’s always refreshing, at least to me, to see her dress up, much like her character from Sex and the City. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us at home, it’s fun to check out pictures of a dressed up SJP, including in this bright moment, when she matches her neon pink mask to her bubblegum heels. (And the strap of that messenger bag, natch.) 

I always get the feeling Sarah Jessica Parker loves to have fun with her fashion, even in her most dressed down or her most girly moments. Whether it’s adding a pop of color, wearing a ball gown skirt or a funky fascinator, much like her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. 

Remember, fashion is fun at any age, even after 50. 

Gwen Stefani fountainof30

Gwen Stefani, 51

Singer Gwen Stefani proves rock and roll style is here to stay – at any age. And no that doesn’t mean wearing a black leather jacket or a punk girl haircut. There’s always a rocker flair to any look worn by the former No Doubt rocker – whether that means a graphic hoodie, funky print pants, black and white checkered sneakers, or, in her case, a bright red lip. 

This is what I love about Gwen Stefani. She does what she wants, she dresses how she wants, and she doesn’t care what others think. And yet, there’s no messiness, no risque pieces, it’s always so well put together even at its most casual.  

I hope I look nearly as good when I’m 51. 

Juliette Binoche celebrity fashionistas over 40 and 50

Juliette Binoche, 56

No one ever said being older means you can’t show a little skin. And that’s exactly what actress Juliette Binoche, in a completely tasteful way. The actress “turned heads” as one media publication put it when she wore a glam silk sapphire suit during the premiere of La Bonne Epouse at the Zurich Film Festival. 

And she decided to show a bit of cleavage for the occasion, going braless in the figure-hugging ensemble, which included diamond drop earrings and heels. If that isn’t age-defying, I don’t know what is. 

celebrity fashionistas over 40 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes – 41

She might be dating a younger man, but celebrity fashionista over 40 Katie Holmes always keeps her looks both stylish and age-appropriate. Whether she’s wearing baggy jeans and sleeveless white tank, or a black wrap jumper and black leather sandals, the former Dawson’s Creek actress never ceases to impress us. 

One day she’ll wear a blazer and sweatpants, and the next day a crop top peasant blouse look for shopping in Soho. She also wore a slew of gorgeous looks for a photoshoot with InStyle magazine. She modeled a houndstooth top, a LBD with cutouts, a romantic off-white blouse, with frilly sleeves, and a camel coat. 

In short, age is just a number – and wearing a look with confidence is essentially – ageless. 

Who is your favorite of these celebrity fashionistas over 40 and 50?

–Simona Shemer

Photos: Sarah Jessica Parker  – People.com | Gwen Stefani – People.com | Juliette Binoche – People.com | Katie Holmes, Daily Mail

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