5 Celebrities Who Are ‘Trying’ To Live Their Best Lives in 2020

Amidst an ongoing health crisis that has yet to show signs of stopping in America, many have criticized celebrities for flaunting lavish lifestyles, while the rest of the world faces economic hardships. Whether it’s showing off luxe digs while quarantining or asking for donations to medical workers when they should be reaching into their own financially secure pockets, the gap between celebrities lives and the “normal population” is growing wider than ever.

And yet, our “population” of pop culture fanatics craves this celebrity culture as a means of aspiration and escape. They want to see those lavish birthday parties, those million-dollar homes, and those fancy couture get-ups. Perhaps the reason the Kardashians are so intriguing is the mere fact that they flaunt their wealth, and they’re unlike any family we’ve ever seen.

The question is, do we criticize those celebs or do we use them to our advantage? In other words, we’re living in a time where social distancing and staying at home is becoming the norm of 2020. What better thing to do to weather the isolation than to use entertainment as a means to cope. We like surfing the web, watching television, reading magazines and chilling on Netflix. 


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Celebrities Best Lives In 2020

Here’s what I have to say about this. If you’re going to be using celebs to help you cope with the crisis, then why not check out the celebrities who are living their best lives? These are the ones that are experiencing career and personal highs and look great doing it, despite the pandemic. 

And they’re not flaunting it in your face, either. They’re just being themselves. Here are a few who I’m currently watching: 

Celebrities Lives In 2020 demi lovato fountainof30

Demi Lovato 

No one is having a better year than Ms. Demi Lovato – soon to be a Mrs. The singer, who was hospitalized after a drug overdose in 2018, gave a stunning and poignant live performance at the 2020 Grammys amidst a highly anticipated return to music. The song was streamed seven million times and had over 40,000 downloads, according to Billboard. The song became Demi’s first number one on the Digital Song Sales chart and her 14th top 40 hit. Soon after, Demi performed the US National Anthem for the NFL Super Bowl LIV. 

Then, of course, is her serious relationship with actor Max Ehrich, who she started dating in early 2020. The two quarantined together amidst the coronavirus pandemic and proclaimed their love for each other on social media. Then, in July, Max popped the question. The two appear extremely happy together.

Meanwhile, Demi’s style game is on point. After suffering from eating disorders and drug problems much of her life, the singer flaunts her curvy figure in body-hugging dresses for date nights with her man, including a hot pink A.L.C. dress featuring padded shoulders and a plunging velvet mini dress (above.) 

celebrities best lives in 2020 Demi Moore

Demi Moore 

Let’s get one thing straight. Demi Moore is 57 years old, but she doesn’t look a day over 45. The gorgeous actress, who is known for movies like St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night, GI Jane, and Striptease, has also accomplished a lot in her career. She’s an actor, producer, and author to boot. Her memoir Inside Out came out last year to some controversy, but Demi stayed as classy and cool as always. This year, though, she’s taking it up a notch and staying sexy, with a new podcast focused on a couple’s sexual awakening. In her six-episode narrative series Dirty Diana, Moore plays the part of Diana, a woman minimized in her professional and personal life that she has downplayed her own needs and urges. The series tracks Diana in her sexual awakening, coaxing other women to do the same. 

Demi partnered with filmmaker Shana Feste on the project and has been recording the series from her own bathroom in Idaho. 

Meanwhile, her fashion and beauty are still on point. Just before the coronavirus pandemic really took hold, Demi Moore attended events at Paris Fashion Week, including a Harper’s Bazaar Exhibition, where she was photographed wearing a pink-and-gray Dior creased fabric ball gown with a long-sleeved mesh shirt underneath and her hair in a Rapunzel-inspired braided style. She also attended the Dior runway show in a see-through black shirt with a matching cardigan over a brown and black checkered skirt. 

Celbrioties 2020 Britney Spears 

Britney Spears 

Some may think Britney Spears is not having the best year. She called for changes to the legal conservatorship that controls her life and instead, it was decided that it will remain intact until 2021. But she has a loving fitness-happy boyfriend and she has been hailed by the New York Times or tapping into the need for radical social change after posting a bright yellow manifesto on Instagram from internet artist Mimi Zhu. 

Plus, her style has been better, especially when you take into account her horrible fashion moments of the past. In March, she made use of life in quarantine by donning getups and modeling them in a fashion show for Instagram

Celebrities Lives In 2020 Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen is married to John Legend. Isn’t that enough? No, wait, there’s more. The model, author, and television personality just confirmed her third pregnancy, amidst previous infertility struggles. She announced the pregnancy on social media and told fans that she was as surprised as everyone else because she had received a negative pregnancy test result just before undergoing breast reduction surgery in June. 

Whether it’s feminine prints or skin-tight black leggings, Chrissy’s style is always on point and we certainly can’t wait to eye up her maternity looks. 

Celebrities Lives In 2020 Megan Markle 

Megan Markle 

The former senior royal and wife of Prince Harry, Megan Markle is certainly having her best year ever. Just prior to coronavirus travel restrictions laid down at US airports, the dashing duo took baby Archie and flew from Canada’s Vancouver Island to Los Angeles, where they hunkered down in Los Angeles in a house owned by actor, writer, and producer Tyler Perry.

It was just recently reported that the family has decided to leave Los Angeles for the more private Montecito, California area, which celebs like Rob Lowe and Ellen DeGeneres also like to call home. They have officially bought their home, at a whopping $14 million and it appears they hope to stay there for a while. 

It looks like Megan Markle is finally starting to come out into the light since the big move, appearing in video conferences and other virtual discussions as an advocate for racial justice and Black Lives Matter.

She is also keeping up the professional activism and looking stylish doing it. Megan was recently photographed with husband Prince Harry in a white long-sleeved shirt from Victoria Beckham’s collection, paired with olive green chino shorts and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. The pair were in Los Angeles to help distribute essential supplies and backpacks to local families with non-profit organization Baby2Baby at the Dr. Owen Lloyd Knox Elementary School in South Los Angeles. During the mission, the Duchess of Sussex wore a blue seersucker face mask from Royal Jelly Harlem, a New York City-based brand founded by Black mother-daughter duo Teta and Maya Gorgoni. Their line of fashion and home decor is inspired by African art, culture, and traditions. 

Have you been following any other celebrities lives in 2020?

–Simona Shemer

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Photos: Demi Lovato – The Sun  |  Demi Moore – GotCeleb.com  | Britney Spears – Refinery 29  |  Chrissy Teigen – HeadtoPics.com |  Megan Markle – Marie Claire 

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