The 9 Worst Spring 2022 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

We showed you the best spring 2022 trends but now that the season is here, it’s time to take a look at the worst spring fashion trends for women over 40. Yes, you may notice some trends are on both our good and bad lists, but often times it simply boils down to a right and a wrong way to wear them. Here you will see the trends that have gone awry. We understand designers often show extreme looks and showcase their artistry on the runways, but some of the fashion is way over-the-top (like to the “What were they thinking?” degree).

You’ll have to just see it to believe it! Here are 9 of the worst spring 2022 fashion trends for women over 40 (and of all ages) to avoid!

Worst Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

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Cut It Out Already

Cutouts continue to rule the runways for spring 2022, and we really wish the designers would cut it out! These holes are strategically placed exactly where most women do not want them.

Cutouts shown at Burberry, Christian Siriano and Balmain.

 worst spring 2022 fashion trends briefs fountainof30

Just Briefs

You know that bad dream when you are walking around in public in your underwear? And no one seems to notice? That nightmare has become a reality for spring 2022 and everyone will notice! Grab a skirt.

Briefs shown at Lacoste, Chanel Laquan Smith.

bras for tops worst spring 2022 fashion trends fountainof30

Bras For Tops

The same nightmare of forgetting your skirt has happened on the runways only this time it’s with your shirt. Since when is it OK to just wear your bra as a top? OK Madonna got away with it in the 90’s but are we missing something? This has got to be one of the worst spring 2022 fashion trends for women over 40 and we have seen it repeated for the last several seasons.

Bras as tops at Coach, Givenchy and Fendi.

micro minis worst spring 2022 fashion trends fountainof30

Micro Minis

The skirts and dresses are getting shorter and shorter to the point where you will have to stand up all day. Yes this is fine for the runways but we are beginning to see women who should not be wearing micro minis on the street in them. Avoid this trend!

Mini skirts shown at Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel.

big fringe spring 2022 fashion trend fountainof30

Mega Fringe

Fringe is a trend we like, in small doses. A little goes a long way. But it seems like some of the designers went a little fringe-crazy for spring 2022. We call this trend “mega fringe” and it is best to avoid this overblown dust-mop look.

Mega fringe at Proenza Schouler, Vaquera and Jonathan Simkhai.

crochet trend to avoid foiuntainof30

No Way Crochet

There is crochet done the right way and the wrong way. In these instances we just have to say “No way!” Women are not going to wear sheer crochet dresses, no less a crochet bodysuit! (How flattering is that on most people? Not!). We do understand a crochet maxi can work over swimwear… and also if you are Naomi Campbell.

Crochet looks shown at Chloe, Acne Studios and Balmain.

over the top porportions spring 2022 fashion trends fountainof30

Preposterous Proportions

Here is where designers have used their creative license on the runways, only to wind up showing us some preposterous proportions. We suppose the first model will be able to keep her required 6 feet of distance from everyone, if only she can fit into a room! And appearing to have hunched shoulders or curtain rod hips is just not a good look for anyone. No one wants to look distorted. It’s not flattering.

As shown at Noir Kei Ninomiya, Richard Quinn and Louis Vuitton.

toyland worst spring 2022 fashion trends

Babes In Toyland

From a tiny print dress with bows layered over a sporty tee, to a stuffed toy giraffe embellished gown to an oversized floral print dress, it seems there has been a toy box invasion for spring 2022. These looks are meant for baby dolls and certainly not for women over 40.

Toyland shown at Anna Sui, Moschino and Comme des garcons.

hip waders worst spring 2022 fashion trends fountainof30

Hip Wader Boots

We’ve seen (and have loved) our share of over-the-knee boots, but these boots are practically hip waders. Oversized, loose and shiny boots are quite a contrast to many of the skimpy looks shown on the runways for spring 2022. Perhaps the designers are worried that April showers will turn into a flood? All we know is these models don’t look like they’re going fishing.

Shown at Courreges, Dolce & Gabbana and Richard Quinn.

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