Forget Jeans! The Pants We Love This Season Are…

You knew I was going to say velvet right? Velvet pants and jeans are going to be my jam this fall and winter. One, they feel luxurious. Two, they add texture and dimension to any outfit. Three, they go with everything you already have in your closet. Four, it’s easy to find velvet pants and jeans for under $100, actually even under $50. Just be sure they look rich and not cheap. I’ve already expressed my love for velvet jackets and velvet shoes. So why not go all in with your bottom half?

Wear your velvet jeans as you would any other pair of jeans. When it comes to velvet pants, I prefer them with leather jackets. It that hard versus soft ying yang thing that makes me swoon. A pair of velvet joggers look best with a fitted top and a cropped jacket with pumps or booties. Step outside your comfort zone a bit and just try to swap in some velvet pants. You’ll thank me later. Oh and please note – that pair you’ve had in your closet from the 90’s that have pleats? They are not going to cut it this time around. I found a pair of velvet cargo style pants I bought at a sample sale in 2005. I thought they might work. I tried them on. They didn’t. To Good Will they go!

Here are some velvet pants I am loving. In fact, can you guess which 3 pairs I already purchased?


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