The One Jacket You MUST Own This Season Is…

In case you missed the memo, VELVET is the fabric to wear and wear and wear this fall/winter. It’s everywhere and no longer for just the holidays either. You are allowed to and should wear it day and/or night – with dressy pants or your favorite jeans! Now I could go on and on with various velvet pieces you should try (and I will), but today we are going to focus on the one item you must absolutely own right now (as in go and buy one RIGHT NOW) and that’s the velvet jacket. What kind of jacket, you might be asking? Well you could get a long coat, a duster or a velvet bomber (and those are fine too), but I am personally quite fond of (which means I’m on the hunt for) a single-breasted luxe velvet jacket. And when I want something, I take you all on the experience with me.

I was just thinking I could kick myself for getting rid of that Donna Karan double-breasted black velvet tux jacket I used to own, but this season isn’t really about double breasted (and besides it was so heavy I was always too hot wearing that damn thing). Today it’s more about a one or two button single breasted, shrunken or military inspired jacket. Basically any type of blazer or military inspired velvet jacket will do. Or why not buy both? But I’d recommend if you want to just dip your big toe into this trend, stick with a simple velvet blazer or tux jacket without a lot of metallic piping, bells or whistles. It all depends how flashy you are or are daring to be. And please don’t think you can grab that sad wilting velvet blazer that’s been tucked in the way, way back of your closet on a bent wire dry cleaner hanger since 1997 either. It won’t fit right nor look up-to-date.



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This is the fun part, because you really can’t go wrong here. My favorite way to style a velvet jacket is with a pair of slightly ripped or well-worn jeans (my standard go-to), a menswear style shirt with some feminine detailing like ruffles and your favorite booties or stilettos. Velvet also looks fabulous with leather skirts or leather pants and of course a simple pair of black pants or a black pencil skirt. Don’t worry about wearing all black either. The velvet adds texture and visual interest. However, Tom Ford has a phenomenal sapphire velvet jacket that would work too. I digress.

You could also wear your velvet jacket with a pair of cropped wool or your favorite patterned pants. Basically toss it on like you would a jean jacket…only you’ll look a lot better.

Oh and a note of caution, I’m not saying you need to spend $1,000 on a velvet jacket (I mean you can spend that and more if you want), but don’t buy a velvet jacket that looks cheap. Be cautious when being price conscious. The not made well jacket will be dull and dusty looking. You want some velvet with movement and shine. You can absolutely find a perfectly adequate velvet jacket for under $200 but make sure it looks expensive. Spend the extra $50 if you need to. I promise you will get your money’s worth.

Enough of my chatter, let’s shop!


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