The Best Denim Under $100

I am now of the belief you don’t have to spend over $100 on a great pair of jeans. When I look at my massive denim collection I have to admit, some of my favorites are denim under $100. Sure I love my Rag & Bone jeans as much as the next gal, but I also find myself reaching for my Old Navy Rockstar jeans over and over again because they are so damn comfortable and flattering…and you can usually get them for under $40 (Old Navy is always having promotional discounts so wait and pounce like I do). I always get compliments when I wear them and since I am an open book I brag about my discovery.


So what styles do you need this fall? You are going to need a pair of jet black skinny or straight leg jeans, you will also need a pair of slightly distressed boyfriend jeans (you might already have them from last year). Don’t get them too destroyed or you will look ridiculous. A couple holes here and there are fine. If you want to try the patch denim you are seeing today, go ahead, but please again keep the patches minimal.


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Skinny jeans are also back this season because they tuck perfectly into the over the knee boots you MUST wear this season. You should also own a pair of cropped jeans and if you are daring enough, try some flare jeans. Now any jeans that have the description “mom jeans” you want to avoid. Why? Because you are old enough to be a mom or are a mom and the cut is not flattering unless you are 25 and a stick. Do look for medium to high rise and avoid low-rise at all costs. I am dead serious here. Nobody wants to see your underwear.


The takeaway here is the right pair of jeans can look expensive if you pair them with higher-end items. Nobody is going to know you bought your jeans at Target unless the have a giant “Mossimo” label on the back. Which brings up the point to avoid inexpensive jeans with discerning labels. Also, the darker the wash the thinner you are going to look. That’s why I love black jeans so much (don’t don’t over wash them or they will fade – wash inside out). Same goes with the rear pockets. My tip is…the larger the back pockets the smaller your butt will appear. I personally like a little whiskering on my dark denim for that more worn look. Oh and if your knees are not in tip-top shape then forgo ripped jeans. The point is to find the style you like best and then buy a few pairs in different color washes. And for the love of God (and I think this goes without saying) do not under any circumstance buy acid wash jeans. They were ugly in the 80’s and they are even uglier now.


Here are some jeans that all come in under $100 for your consideration.


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