Trend To Try For Fall: A Jumpsuit

Have you considered the jumpsuit trend for fall? You really should. They are hot this season and for good reason. Why? Well for starters they are very versatile. You can take a halter style jumpsuit, add a white button-down underneath and layer on a jacket. Or you can easily wear one all day with booties …

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Forget Jeans! The Pants We Love This Season Are…

You knew I was going to say velvet right? Velvet pants and jeans are going to be my jam this fall and winter. One, they feel luxurious. Two, they add texture and dimension to any outfit. Three, they go with everything you already have in your closet. Four, it’s easy to find velvet pants and jeans for under $100, actually even under $50. Just be sure they look rich and not cheap. I’ve already expressed my love for velvet jackets and velvet shoes. So why not go all in with your bottom half?

Celebrity Style Steal: Minka Kelly Keeps It Cozy

Actress Minka Kelly combines cute and comfortable with an oversized sweater and pair of Hunter boots. You can do the same with these easy to put together pieces that will keep you warm all fall. Since an oversized chunky sweater is a fall essential, try this gorgeous Vince knit cardigan in a cinnamon stick color that will put you in the holiday spirit a little early.

The One Jacket You MUST Own This Season Is…

In case you missed the memo, VELVET is the fabric to wear and wear and wear this fall/winter. It’s everywhere and no longer for just the holidays either. You are allowed to and should wear it day and/or night – with dressy pants or your favorite jeans! Now I could go on and on with various velvet pieces you should try (and I will), but today we are going to focus on the one item you must absolutely own right now (as in go and buy one RIGHT NOW) and that’s the velvet jacket. What kind of jacket, you might be asking? Well you could get a long coat, a duster or a velvet bomber (and those are fine too), but I am personally quite fond of (which means I’m on the hunt for) a single-breasted luxe velvet jacket. And when I want something, I take you all on the experience with me

Fall Trend To Try: Off Shoulder Sweaters

You have a right to bare arms. You also have a right to bare your shoulders – especially this fall/winter. You may have noticed the bare shoulder trend was huge this past summer and it has carried over to sweaters. While we not only warmed up to this trend (we resisted it initially and then embraced it) we never took to the cold shoulder trend and still have not, so you will not see a cold shoulder sweater in the bunch shown below