Two Easy Pieces for Summer 2023: Chic Matching Sets

We’ve all owned various two-piece sets over the years, from the velour tracksuit craze of the early aughts to 2020 when it seemed like everyone had a tie-dye sweat suit or two. However, the two-piece set is all grown up and sophisticated now. The two-piece matching sets for summer 2023 include options that range from button-ups and coordinating bottoms to semi-formal top and skirt sets.

Accordingly, if you like the ability to mix and match sizes or simply prefer how simple it is to get dressed in a matching set, this is definitely the season to stock up. An added bonus? If you like the look and the ease of jumpsuits but don’t enjoy the occasional challenges of getting into and out of them (especially in a public restroom situation), a two-piece set can often give you the look of a jumpsuit without the complications. 

Chic Two-Piece Matching Sets for Summer 2023

Here are some of our favorite two-piece or coordinating sets to wear right now, from athleisure-adjacent to wedding-guest ready embellished options.


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Breezy Linen Two-Piece Co-ords Sets

We love linen in the summer, and this simple linen set from Automet via Amazon looks like it could be a workhorse for all those hot and humid days (and summer vacations). Want more coverage? This ruffle top with pants set from Anrabess or this sleeveless top with wide leg crop pants set from Roylamp (both via Amazon) might fit the bill, and both of them come in tons of different colors.

Bold and Bright

Farm Rio does some of the best prints out there, so if you want a two-piece set that makes you feel ready for a tropical vacation, then look no further than one of their options like this pink and red macaw print button-up and matching shorts

Geometric Matching Sets

If you love a Pucci print (and we certainly do), then doing a co-ords set inspired by the brand’s signature geometric swirls is a super fun warm weather option. This printed shirt and skort from Express are on point and won’t break the bank.

Two-Piece Crochet Sets

Crochet and open-weave pieces are definitely trendy right now, so a two-piece set like this one by Aqua is a great way to get into the look. We like that the top has sleeves and the skirt is on the longer side as well — the open knit will keep things airy in hot weather! 

Structured Knits

While you might picture unstructured pieces like sweats or tracksuits when you think of a knit set, they can be surprisingly architectural as well. For instance, this Dressed in Lala ribbed knit ensemble has sharp shoulders that definitely make a statement. 

Sequin Two-Piece Sets

If you love some sparkle and want to try something different for a formal event, then why not go for a two piece matching top and skirt with sequins like this one from J.Crew?

Clearly, you can see that co-ords and matching sets can work for women of all ages and they aren’t just sweatsuits or crop tops and mini-skirts or shorts. 

Another reason to love a two-piece set or matching set? You can always break up the set and wear the pieces separately to get more wearability out of it. 

Shop Two-Piece Matching Sets for Summer 2023

What are your favorite two piece sets? Are you a fan of coordinates or matching pieces, or do you prefer to make your own pairings? Or do you prefer dresses and jumpsuits? Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group!

– Jacqueline Zenn

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chic matching sets for summer 2023 fountainof30

2 piece matching sets for summer linen pants, print shorts, crochet skirts fountainof30


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