So What Is The “Old Money Aesthetic” and Why Should You Care?

If you are on Instagram or TikTok (hey, social media isn’t just for the twenty-somethings) you’ve probably seen posts and comments about the old money aesthetic. While many of the styles discussed are pretty well-known (Hermes accessories, tweed, basically all things Ralph Lauren), the concept of those looks being aspirational for Gen Z is interesting. Especially because most of us remember the various times when preppy looks became a key part of the fashion zeitgeist.

The Old Money Aesthetic for Women Over 50

We’re not going to advise you to wear a Chanel-style jacket with denim or throw on pearls with your polo (unless you want to). But there are some bits and pieces you can take from what the kids are doing on TikTok this spring and you may already own some of the pieces. 

It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes rocking the old money aesthetic can just look, well, old if you don’t mix it up well. For instance, a silk scarf and pearls and a tweed jacket can be more little old lady than #oldmoney unless you are 20 years old. On the other hand, equestrian looks and well-tailored classics in traditional colors and patterns are pretty timeless. old money core fashion trend fountainof30


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How to Wear the Old Money Aesthetic

Here’s how we would remix the old money aesthetic for women over 50.

Silk Scarves

They don’t have to be Hermes to get the look. We like them wrapped around purse handles or worn as headbands (wrap one around a wire or plastic headband to keep it in place) if you don’t love wearing them around your neck. You can find some bargain scarves on Etsy if you like this look but don’t want to invest in a designer version

Collared Shirts

There is a button-down or button-up for everyone, and a properly pressed shirt is a good look at any age and for any occasion (just ask Carolina Herrera). You can find a great option at any price point – this Banana Republic shirt is a good option that’s affordable enough to replace when it inevitably gets dirty.

Camel Coat

A plush camel coat always whispers class, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get the look. This J. Crew camel coat is now under $200. Wear it perched on your shoulders for a casually luxe look. 

Trench Coats

A Burberry trench is the ultimate, of course, but this Sezanne option wouldn’t go amiss if you are shooting for the old money look. Think of it as an investment. 


Tennis-core is part of the Old Money Aesthetic, and its sister, golf-core. These looks are pretty classic and if you play the aforementioned sports you may already have some of the items to create this look. Pleated skirts or skorts like this one from Spanx and polo-necks in white or pastels (we like the extended placket on this Ralph Lauren classic) are fun for spring if your style already leans towards the preppy side. 

Unexpected Pearls

While a classic strand of pearls is definitely old money, we like a slightly updated way to wear them in the form of discreetly luxurious drop earrings, like these from Mejuri

Plaids and Patterns

Glen plaids, houndstooth, and nearly any tartan in deep blues, greens, and reds (perhaps with a touch of gold) all work, especially in the form of a riding jacket or blazer like this one from Everlane. Get a slightly oversized version to ensure it looks like you borrowed it from the boys. 

Overall, the old money aesthetic is really just classic pieces, remixed for a new generation and with a new name. Think subtle luxury, iconic shapes, and anything that a Kennedy might have worn. Brand names like Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, and more can play a role, but in-your-face logos are decidedly not necessary – “if you know, you know”. 

Shop The Old Money Aesthetic Here

Etsy Luxury Silk Style Equestrian Horse Design with Optional Scarf Ring, $25.39

Banana Republic Tailor-Fit Easy-Care Shirt, now $42

J. Crew New Daphne Topcoat in Italian Boiled Wool, now $199

Sezanne Scott Trench Coat, $305

Spanx The Get Moving Skort, 17”, $72

Mejuri Organic Pearl Hoops,$78

Everlane The Oversized Blazer, $228


What do you think about the old money aesthetic as a trend? Do you draw any inspiration from this look, or would you rather let Gen Z have it?  Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook Group! 

– Jacqueline Zenn

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6 thoughts on “So What Is The “Old Money Aesthetic” and Why Should You Care?”

  1. I was at an outdoor wedding last weekend and we had an unusually cold, damp day but all my coats were out of town. I was envying and admiring the beautiful “old aesthetic” overcoats that were keeping some of my friends and acquaintances warm and looking sharp.

  2. I find this really fun, because I do have the camel coat, the pearls and the scarves. Sometimes I love wearing heels with jeans. I haven’t done much with scares, lately, but will give it a try. THANKS.

  3. Good Golly, I’m a lost soul. I’m not into jewelry, except for the bracelets my granddaughters make. I love these looks. I do have the coat and scarves. I will expand…


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