How To Extend Your Summer 2020 Wardrobe

I’m having very mixed feelings about this summer. We all know the challenges that much of the United States has faced, however there has been some light in the tunnel. There are forms of summer entertainment (outdoor dining, shopping, parks, some small gatherings) that have been opened up to us. But staying at home and social distancing are still a very real part of life; so it’s kind of a mixed bag. Either way, it’s hard to believe that summer is closer to being over than having a lot more of it to look forward to.

I can personally say I have not made the most of my summer. I’ve still been working from home and much of my social circle is still practicing caution. I haven’t really partaken in many of the joys of summer time. Still, that being said, the last couple of weeks I did a little cataloguing of my summer 2020 wardrobe and I was quite disappointed with myself. I didn’t invest in many new items (which I’m sure many of us didn’t) and the few that I did get, I’m already tired of them! So I wanted to focus this post on building up your summer 2020 fashion before the summer is over. It’s not too late!

Extend Your Summer 2020 Wardrobe

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My first round of my summer wardrobe haul focused on basic pieces that could be easy to dress up or dress down depending on my accessories – think neutral maxi dresses, flowing tank tops, etc. As I’m looking to add on to that with a second haul, I’m looking at items more on the fun side. Items that are more stylized, trendy and special. I’m also keeping a look out for items that I can transition into the fall season.

One of the first purchases that I made was a new pair of shoes….of course! I actually wanted something comfortable that had support but was not a sandal. I found these Trace Easy Metallic Leather Slide Ons at Clark’s and am very happy with this purchase. Clark’s is known for comfort and I love a metallic shoe, as they can be paired with so many items. I can wear them now until the first winter snow since they are seasonally transitional.

I always love a bright color for the summer and into early fall (before all of the black and gray sets it!), so I am really admiring this Chiffon Maxi Skirt from Chicwish. The color is to die for and I fantasize wearing this in the fall with a rich pair of chocolate suede boots and a fitted sweater. To wear this skirt now, I think it would be fun to dress it down with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Contrary to what I’ve done during past summer seasons, this year I have completely strayed away from any type of pants that aren’t yoga pants. I think it’s probably because I didn’t spend any time in a freezing air conditioned office. Just because I haven’t enjoyed my summer weight pants up to this point, I still think they are a great option if you are not a shorts or dresses type of woman.

I found these Vero Moda Culottes at ASOS that I absolutely love. The details of these pants are right up my alley, including the high waist and wide legs. They would be flattering on so many body types and I am in love with the sage green color. That’s not a color you see everywhere in a pant, however finding the right items to pair with them should be a breeze. They can serve as a neutral base for a top or pair of shoes in an unexpected color or print.

Finally, I think it’s ideal to have a beautiful and feminine blouse to get you through the summer and start you into the fall season. The bright red color and floral print of this Sweet Frills Button Up Blouse from ModCloth is a really nice piece for just that. I can imagine wearing this with a flowy or pleated white skirt for the summer months and then as fall gets underway pairing this with an edgy pair of leather leggings and an oversized boyfriend blazer to give it some spice!

Late Summer 2020 Wardrobe Styling Tips

1. Find something unique!

Like I mentioned before, this time for my summer shopping haul, I wanted to focus on some more distinct pieces. What’s the point of buying new clothes if they don’t get you excited? If you are like me, you’ll want to seek out pieces with interesting, distinctive silhouettes and bright bold colors that play into your style personality.

2. Think ahead.

If you are going to be investing in some new clothes this late in the summer season, you want to be thinking about how you can incorporate them into your fall wardrobe as well. I wouldn’t want to buy something now and only have four more weeks to wear it. That’s no fun! Something like this Button Front Midi Dress from Banana Republic Factory is a really good and affordable option you can wear now and wear later. For the remainder of the summer months, you can pair it with some minimal neutral-colored sandals and be on your way. For the fall, it would look really chic paired with a chunky knit cardigan sweater and a pair of leather oxfords.

3. Don’t rule out your jeans.

The options out there for denim seem to be endless. The jeans that many of us have in our closets may not be the best options for beating the summer heat. Enter the summer-weight jean! They are woven more loosely with less yarn per square inch so they tend to be more breathable and airy. I love the idea of the summer weight jean, because then you can still have your denim staples but they are much more appropriate for the warm weather. This Super-Soft Summer Jean from Everlane should take care of all of your summer weight jean needs. The color and size range is quite impressive.

Shop Summer Fashion 2020

(pictured above)

Banana Republic Factory Button Front Midi Dress, now $49.99

Clark’s Trace Easy Metallic Leather, now $89.99

Chicwish Timeless Favorite Chiffon Maxi Skirt, $49.90

Sweet Frills Button-Up Blouse By ModCloth, $45

ASOS Vero Moda Culottes, $54

Everlane The Super-Soft Summer Jean, 68

Are you planning to build up your summer 2020 wardrobe? It’s really not too late!

–Carmen Turner

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