The Best Summer 2020 Trends: From Picnic To Patio

I hope this stands true for most of you, but I’ve spent the last couple of weekends enjoying the nice weather outside. Whether it’s sitting out on a friend’s patio and having lunch, going on a picnic or finally dining al fresco on a restaurant patio, the experiences have been both a relief and jarring. A relief for obvious reasons: I get to go out and socialize and enjoy some food that is not my own cooking or takeout. It’s also jarring because after staying in for so long and everything being closed, I forgot what it’s like to wear clothes that aren’t lounge clothes or pajamas! So as we start to transition back into some sort of normalcy in our social lives, I want to highlight some affordable summer 2020 trends that are perfect to wear to relax on your porch, at a picnic or to a restaurant patio.

What’s In Store For Runway?

Instead of highlighting some designers and runway shows that some of our summer 2020 trends are being pulled from, I thought I’d change it up a little bit and briefly discuss the future of fashion. As things continue to shift in the direction of change in our world, it’s interesting to see how our fashion and runway shows adapt. There has been talk of foregoing runway shows altogether; Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Phillip Lim dropped out of February New York Fashion Week, and there are rumblings that the September shows may be cancelled completely. Many designers are using new platforms through social media to create buzz around their collections and straying from the traditional Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter schedules. Others like Saint Laurent and Jeremy Scott have created their own launch schedules off season to service the public on a more readily available basis.

As more and more designers are starting to seek out other ways to get their clothes in front of the consumer, the future of fashion and its business dealings are up in the air. I don’t doubt these designers will continue to put out beautiful pieces. However as we move into a more accessible age, I’d like to see if they also use this shift to assess their pricing and offer more affordable pieces for many women (and men) who are working on a tighter and conscious budget. It’s interesting to see how this will all play out. What we have grown accustomed to from designers and runway shows could be completely thrown out the window.


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What To Wear This Summer from Picnic to Patio

One of the benefits when you are enjoying time outside is that you can go pretty casual and focus on comfort. Of course there are instances that could warrant some more dressy attire, but for the most part you want to stay away from stiff, unbreathable fabrics that are going to leave you uncomfortable while sitting on a deck or at a picnic. If weather allows, my go-to for some al fresco dinning is a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are billowy and soft and you don’t have to worry about feeling stuffed in your clothes if you have a little bit too much to eat. I adore the simplicity of this HYFVE Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress. The detail is thoughtful, so the dress is not just a tent of fabric, yet the silhouette is still forgiving.

If your plans are for something a little more rugged than sipping cocktails on a patio, you can give a nice pair of loose-fitting shorts a try. These Athleta Trekkie North Shorts are universally flattering with their relaxed fit and wide waistband. Also, the functionality can’t be beat with moisture-wicking and abrasion-resistant fabric, 4 usable pockets, and a UPF 50+ rating for sun protection. These are great to stock up on in all three of the neutral colors and the price can’t be beat at only $59.

Finally a good shoe option to tie it all together is a current summer sandal trend that is everywhere and I must say I love it. We’ve talked about flatform sandals here before, but it looks like they aren’t going anywhere so it’s time to jump on board. One of the most versatile options that I have seen are these Steve Madden Bandi Platform Sandals. They come in so many colors and the mixed media construction makes them really interesting and fun to wear. Not to mention the flatform sole is incredibly comfortable and easy on your feet.

Summer Trends Styling Tips

  1. Be prepared for the unexpected.  I never leave the house, even in the summer, without a jacket. Despite what your forecast may say, you never know when there will be a drop in temperature. So take something with you like this classic Denim Trucker Jacket. If you don’t have one like this already, it’s time to get one. The bonus is that it’s not just for the summer, you can wear it for three seasons out of the year.
  2. Make sun protection a priority. We all know how damaging the sun can be on our hair and skin. Don’t leave home without your SPF and if the rays are really pounding down on you, for some added protection, you can bring a hat. A straw panama hat is one of my favorites. I love how stylish and classic they are while still being functional. This Gap Panama Hat is affordable and a great piece to throw into your online cart before you checkout.
  3. If it feels right, then do it. As much as I like the structure of fall and winter pieces, the relaxed vibe of the summertime has been something I look forward to every year. I love that I can wear a caftan and still be considered fashionably chic. Summer attire seems to promote a “no heels required” rule that has become number one in my summer fashion book. Don’t feel pressure to get dolled up when you’re enjoying time outside with family and friends during the summer months. There are always opportunities to add a little more structured flair when the temperatures cool down again in the fall.

Shop Affordable Summer 2020 Trends

Pictured above from left to right:

TOPSHOP Tie Waist Pinafore Jumpsuit, $35.99

HYFVE Stripe Waist Tie Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress, $39.97

Athleta Trekkie North Short, $59

Gap Women’s Panama Hat, $18

Concepts Twist-Front Top, $39.99

Banana Republic Denim Trucker Jacket, $49

Steve Madden Bandi Platform Wedge Sandal, $55.96

What summer trends will you be wearing to your next picnic or patio party?

– Carmen Turner

Runway Photo: Tibi Spring 2020 RTW

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