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The Best Summer 2020 Trends: From Picnic To Patio

I hope this stands true for most of you, but I’ve spent the last couple of weekends enjoying the nice weather outside. Whether it’s sitting out on a friend’s patio and having lunch, going on a picnic or finally dining al fresco on a restaurant patio, the experiences have been both a relief and jarring. …

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Lifestyle: The Perfect Pool-less Pool Party

It’s here, it’s here! 90 degrees, clear blue skies and the best weather we’ve seen since late August of 2015. No matter if you’re in Los Angeles or New York, you are undoubtedly experiencing the best warm weather ever. So, “it’s a great day for a pool party,” you think to yourself or out loud to a group of friends. Just one small problem – you can’t all fit into the Soho pool house. The local pool is just way too crowded to try to cram in your friends and a couple of spritzers. And that friend with the pool? Out of town. What are you to do? Time for a pool-less pool party!

The Answer To Shorts: The Wrap Skirt

As I’m getting older and my legs are not looking as good as they used to, I am finding skirts to be my summer savior. I still want to show a little leg, but I’m not comfortable wearing shorts as much as I did in my 30’s. I’m guessing I’m not alone. One skirt style I find myself gravitating towards also happens to be a hot trend for summer ’16 – the wrap skirt. Unlike the versions I (we) wore in the 70’s, many of today’s wrap skirts are faux wraps, so you don’t have to worry about it untying and causing embarrassment (I have a particularly vivid playground memory/nightmare).

Pret Reporteur: Fun and Flirty Summer Dresses

Yesterday marked the first official day of summer. Which means that it’s the season of patio parties, beach adventures and family cook-outs. There’s no better way to celebrate the festive season than with a fun and flirty new frock. Summer and dresses complete each other like marshmallows and s’mores – it just isn’t one without …

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