Pro Tips To Finding Your Perfect Foundation Color

Beauty-Foundation-Pro-Tips_anti-aging As much as I love makeup and am a huge fan of foundation I have to admit something… I have no idea how to find the perfect shade for my skin tone. When a brand offers 30 shades, I’m done. I usually have a (hopefully) professional at the makeup counter help me, praying they know what they are doing. Should you test foundation on your wrist or on your jaw line? And how the hell do you even consider drugstore brands when they are sealed and don’t offer testers? So I turned to NYC celebrity makeup artist Dara Klein (@daramascara) and asked her “is there a fool-proof way for us mere mortals to find the perfect foundation color?” She responded “my revolutionary life changing tip is testing 2 shades NOT ON THE JAW LINE, but rather on the side of your nose/upper cheek area (the part that protrudes when you smile). Test one color on each side. The one that makes the whites of your eyes look brighter is the correct shade. It’s the shade that not only neutralizes discoloration but also brightens the eye. Forget about testing on the jaw line. It’s the worst advice ever.” She also said the while drugstore foundations can be just as good, they are hard to test/match and you can make a mistake too easily. She advises to get matched in general at a makeup counter or at Sephora which has a color IQ system for finding your perfect shade. Then Dara says to ask for samples and test them again at home and in natural light. Brands she recommends are; LORAC, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Dior Skin and Giorgio Armani. – Lauren Dimet Waters

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