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knitting, We Are Knitters, learn to knit My dearly departed and beloved Grandma Kay taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. She could make anything (at least that is how I remember her) with a sewing machine and by knitting. I still have a sweater she knit for me over 30 years ago that I actually sometimes wear to this day. Throughout the years I have picked up (and put down) knitting needles because I would get bored making scarves and that seemed to be all I knew how to make. I didn’t have time to take classes and pictured myself irritating employees at yarn stores with my endless questions and screw ups.
Downtown Snood, We Are Knitters, scarf, handknit
We Are Knitters Downtown Snood
Fast forward a few decades and now I have been able to knit my first sweater thanks to WE ARE KNITTERS and the Internet. WE ARE KNITTERS is an international knitting and fashion brand founded by María José Marín and Alberto Bravo which is based in Spain. They came up with the idea when they saw a young girl knitting a chunky wool a New York City subway and realized how popular the DIY trend has become worldwide. Unfinished knitting project, Juliet Tee We Are Knitters is dedicated to recreating the ancient craft of knitting and transforming it into something modern, stylish and cool. In just three years, the brand has evolved into an international source for knitting kits and yarn and an active, online community for knitters and DIY lovers. Today, knitters from all over the world knit with We Are Knitters kits and join the growing community to share pictures of their creations, learn new knitting tips and tricks and find inspiration.
Knitting, road trip, in the car
Knitting during and otherwise boring road trip
Simply visit their site at weareknitters.com and chose the item you want to make (a sweater, scarf, hat or bag) and start picking your yarn colors. Your kit arrives with everything you need including the needles. Then follow the instructions and if you are like me, watch the video tutorials repeatedly. All items are labeled Easy to Intermediate so you can start at whatever level you think you can handle. Don’t worry, I can attest that some of the beginner sweaters are some of the prettiest. we_are_knitters_kit I received my first kit (a vest) before I had my spinal surgery in March stupidly thinking I could begin it while recovering in the hospital. I did not realize the pain killers I was on would make it virtually impossible to even cast on stitches because I kept loosing count. So I had to wait until I was home recovering and a little more coherent. That vest was what I will call my “training piece” (not my finest work), but I have since gone on to complete the Downtown Snood (super easy) and the Juliette Tee (a little harder, but doable). I’m just waiting for it to get a little cooler here so I can wear my work!
My completed Juliet Tee
My completed Juliet Tee
Now I find myself cruising the site obsessively debating my next project which I plan to be a heavier sweater with sleeves I can wear to death this winter. There is something about a homemade sweater that makes it all that more special and since chunky sweaters are so on trend this upcoming season (and in the foreseeable future) there is no reason not to start on your DIY sweater project for yourself or for someone you love. A kit would make a great holiday or birthday gift for a crafty (or not so crafty) friend. Who wouldn’t want to wear their work with pride? Here is a it about the Juliette Tee I made from We Are Knitters; This is romance turned into knitwear. It’s a true homage to the most famous Juliet in history and it’s an easy level project! The kit contains: • 3 Pima cotton yarn balls (100 gr. each) • 5 mm/ UK 6/ US 8 wooden knitting needles • The pattern • A small knitter’s sewing needle • WAK packaging
Finally a day cool enough to wear my work!
Finally a day cool enough to wear my work!
Find your new knitting project at WeAreKnitters.com. – Lauren Dimet Waters Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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