The Best No-Show (And Comfortable) Panties To Wear Every Day

Best-Underpants-no-show Nothing ages us more than wearing bunched up granny panties that show under our clothing. So I went on a search for the most comfortable, seamless or no-show panties I could find to wear every day. I already had many pairs that are very comfortable, but they give me enormous panty lines, even under heavy jeans! And we all know that is a GIANT no-no. Thong and Brazilian styles that are seamless under clothes are simply not comfortable to me any longer. Not at all. So finding a combination of no-show and comfort has been a challenge. After testing at least a dozen styles I narrowed them down to my 6 favorites. I think you’ll like these, too. DKNY-Fusion1. DKNY Fusion Hipster, $12 These panties are really light and thin (you can barely feel them) and they stay put too! They remind me of that old Underalls commercial “cause they make me look like I’m not wearin’ nothin’!” No way is anyone going to see a panty line with DKNY Fusion. They offer are other cuts but I like the hipster style best. Natori-Core 2. Natori Core Fit Full Girl Brief – Style 755098, $18 These boy briefs by Natori are fantastic because they give you a little support along with looking seamless under tight-fitting pants or dresses. Natori-V-kini 3. Natori Bliss Perfection One-Size V-Kini – Style 756092, $18 I can vouch for the name this pair was given! The higher cut leg with a wide stretch lace waistband fit me to perfection, along with seamless no-show. And lace makes them sexier than plain seamless panties. Affinitas-Allison-Boyshort-in-Blue-Slate 4. Affinitas Allison Hipster, $12 These win for being the prettiest style among the others in this category. They are truly comfortable, but on me they show just a tiny panty line. But not under jeans or dresses! So they make the list. They come in nude and black, too. Hanes-X-temp 5. Hanes Women’s Constant Comfort® X-Temp® Hipster Panties 3-Pack, $11 If you were looking for cottony everyday panties, than these are for you. The seamless leg and no-cinch wide waist create a smooth silhouette under clothes with the comfort of cotton. For the price you can stock up for a month, and they come in briefs, too. Felina-Nordstrom 6. Felina Sublime Bikini, $12 or 3 for $30 These are our Editor-In-Chief, Lauren’s favorites and now I know why! They are thin and yet the cut keeps them in place with a combination of feeling silky and cottony. The price can’t be beat either! She buys them in a 4-pack at Costco … shh, she didn’t really want me to share that. – Carol Calacci Samples provided for review but the opinions expressed are my own.

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