The Oversized Clothing Trend for Women Over 40

Let’s get real with each other; as much as we love fashion and want to be stylish, sometimes we have limitations on what looks good because of areas of our bodies that we may not be happy with. I’ve had this experience this summer with my new post-pregnancy (and post-quarantine!) body. It’s not a pretty topic to bring up, but weight gain happens. However, it’s important to dress for the body you have and not the body you want. So, I love the fact that fashion trends are turning to more forgiving silhouettes. The oversized clothing trend is the perfect one to try if you are dressing for your new body or just love your clothing to be loose and flowing. 

Oversized Clothing Trend for Women Over 40

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How to Style Oversized Tops

Oversized tops are great for multiple reasons. They are perfect for playing down a larger bust or a little bit extra in the middle. Plus, they are just super cute and on trend. Oversized tops are really utilitarian and the simple, boxy silhouette makes them easy to pair with a lot of options on the bottom. Simple tops like this Luxespun boxy t-shirt are the ideal place to start. You can style them with any pair of jeans or go all in and wear them with a maxi skirt or pair of wide leg pants.


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Oversized Dresses and Shirtdresses

I love an oversized dress. I think this is the best way to wear this trend because there are so many options. Trying the oversized trend with a dress makes it easy and you don’t have anything to overthink. I personally like the buttoned down version. It provides a little bit of styling and polish in the garment itself, so you don’t have to do much in the area of accessorizing. Two great options that I found are this cotton poplin shirtdress and this oversized leopard print shirtdress. Either of these dresses just need a clean pair of sneakers or a platform sandal to complete your outfit.

You can also try something with a more feminine silhouette like this tiered dress from Everlane. I love the bright blue color, which is perfect for the summer months. Or you can embrace a print and opt for this polka dot maxi dress from ASOS. I love how both of these options are incredibly affordable but still have interesting style details that are far from boring. 

Oversized Pants Trend

Wide-leg, oversized pants are one of my favorite clothing items. I practically live in them during the summer when I want my legs covered but still need a loose and cooling clothing option. So this summer, as I’ve rocked my oversized pants, I’m right on trend. Two options that I’ve found are these wide-cut pants from H&M. I love the crisp white color which are perfect for a hot summer day. I’ve also been wearing a lot of linen this year. Linen is a wonderful fabric; it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in cooler temperatures. So, give these Cabo wide-leg linen pants from Athleta a try. You may even be able to wear them into the fall. 

Finally, if you prefer to wear shorts, there are a ton of casual, oversized shorts in all fabrics and silhouettes. You can elevate the oversized look by wearing an option made from a silk or satin or you can keep it super dressed down and throw on a pair made from a comfy fleece sweatshirt fabric, like these gender neutral ones from Old Navy. I seriously just bought two pairs as I’m researching for this post. I can’t wait to wear them while I continue to enjoy my time working from home. 

Oversized Fashion Expert Style Tips

  1. Embrace your body. Like I mentioned above, our bodies can change as we live our lives. But don’t be ashamed of the body you have. If you want to work on it, then go for it and if not that’s OK too. But we have to remember to dress for the body we have. We have the tendency to put fashion on the back-burner while waiting for our bodies to be what we want them to be, but we shouldn’t. Embrace what you have and rock what you love!
  2. You can’t overdo oversized. I think this trend is a good one where you can play with proportions and go all in. I love the idea of an oversized top like this overshirt from Mango paired with a pair of paperbag waist shorts like these from Target. Finish this look off with some slide sandals and you have a casual and comfortable summer look that is easy and breezy. 
  3. Confidence is key. The oversized clothing trend is one that can get away from you if you let your clothes wear you. You have to be the one wearing the clothes! If you are not confident in your choices, you can easily look overwhelmed in your oversized pieces. Wear this trend proudly and walk tall in your pieces. Have fun and be unapologetic about wanting to try new trends in fashion!

Shop The Oversized Clothing Trend

Luxespun Boxy T-Shirt, $22.19

Banana Republic Cotton Poplin Shirtdress, $53.99

H&M Oversized Shirt Dress, $24.99

Everlane The Weekend Tiered Dress, $60

ASOS DESIGN Trapeze Maxi Dress, $40

H&M Wide-cut Pants, $34.99

Athleta Cabo Linen Wide Leg Pant, $79

Old Navy Gender-Neutral Sweat Shorts for Adults- 7.5-inch inseam, $20

Mango Cropped Cotton Overshirt, $39.99

Women’s High-Rise Paperbag Shorts – A New Day, $25

Will you be wearing the oversized clothing trend this season? What is your favorite oversized piece?

– Carmen Turner

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