How To Simply Reverse The Signs Of Aging Eyes: Verve’s Non-Surgical EyeRise™

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I have been visiting Dr. Bracci at Verve Medical Cosmetics ever since I gave birth to my first son nearly 9 years ago. Back then Dr. Bracci would give inject me with some Botox and fillers here and there so I didn’t look like an “old mom.” However, after the birth of my second son what Dr. Bracci really wanted to touch-up…were my eyes. He had developed this new (at the time) non-surgical procedure he called EyeRise™ . I had not even noticed how dark and sunken my eyes had become with age (and lack of sleep) until it was pointed out. Then I became obsessed and it’s all I could see when I looked in the mirror! Initially I was really nervous to let anyone near my eyes. I would never even consider LASIK surgery because it’s my eyes and I only have the two! You can stick my face with needles all day long, but my eyes? No way! But I had come to trust Dr. Bracci. I was willing to try Verve’s Non-Surgical EyeRise.

What is EyeRise™?

EyeRise a revolutionary eye area treatment using filler under and around the eye area to combat bags, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. In a nutshell it restores the natural architecture of the under eye area to what it looked like before age took its toll. Since it’s done in-office no surgery is needed. In fact, this procedure is fairly painless and is quick because there is only one single point of injection per eye. The technique utilizes a blunt point medical instrument called a cannula which is virtually painless and avoids the trauma and the bruising of a needle. The cannula injects a dermal filler to restore volume under the skin and allows for natural contouring around the eye.


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EyeRise is Dr. Bracci’s innovative non-surgical technique that involves a tailored combination of different injectable fillers around the sides of the eyes, the mid-face region and the cheek bone areas. The results are immediate and they last for up to three years! Check out my before and after pictures below for proof.

Verve Non-Surgical EyeRiseI don’t have heavy lids or a lot of sagging skin around my eyes… yet. I know of a few friends who have had their eyes done (had surgery) and I say “good for them!” if that’s what they needed (and some women do). But my problem is that dark sunken look which no amount of under eye concealer can hide. So as soon as I noticed my racoon eyes appear again I called Dr. Bracci. It was time.

IS EYeRISE Painful?

No. It’s not painful at all. After some numbing solution is applied the whole procedure takes about 3 minutes per eye. That’s it! It feels a little strange (like a pulsating buzzing massage) but does not hurt one single bit. I swear. I’m a huge baby and would tell you honestly if it did.

The Results

I noticed a difference immediately, but was a little red so I left the office wearing my large sunglasses. However, by the time I got home and looked in the mirror, I really liked what I saw. Three days later I LOVED what I saw. I look well-rested and more like I did 10 plus years ago when it comes to my eye area. This procedure which takes such little time and is non-invasive can make such a vast yet subtle difference in my appearance. I’ll also admit, the comments I look rested don’t hurt either. Well now everybody knows my secret!

Verve Non-Surgical EyeRise before and after photos

FIRST Meeting Dr. Bracci

I immediately knew I liked Dr. Bracci when he told me he looks at the face like a sculpture or a piece of art (those are the words I like to hear from anyone before they touch my face). In fact, he calls himself a cosmetic injectables artist. I also appreciate he refuses to make patients resemble a cast member from the Housewives of Beverly Hills/Orange County (take your pick). Always check out he doctor’s staff. If they look overdone and bizarre, RUN! If Dr. Bracci does not agree with a patients request, he won’t perform the procedure. They can leave and go elsewhere. He feels it would jeopardize his name if someone looked like a freak show and then told their friends the doctor that did it!

Several years ago I wrote a post on my life-changing, non-surgical EyeRise™ treatment by Dr. Bracci  at Verve Medical Cosmetics (Verve’s Non-Surgical EyeRise™…a Dream Come True!). The post was wildly popular and I was asked about the procedure by friends, friends of family and total strangers and since I’m all too willing to share, I did…and am again.

video of Eyerise being performed

If you want to see a video of EyeRise being performed check it out here!

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Disclosure: Treatment received for review but opinions are my own.

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