How To Tackle Your Sock Drawer Once and For All!

Yes we are going there! I’m not sure exactly how or when it happens, but by the end of the year my sock drawer is riddled with mismatches and lonely old socks. What better way to kick off the New Year than with a whole new batch of fashionable socks? That’s right. Just purge all of it, start completely fresh. Instead of filling your drawer with another ocean of black trouser socks, let’s have some fun! Read on for sock inspiration (or soxpiration)….

Shop These Fashionable Socks

These are sure to put a smile on your face and are great for running weekend errands. Smiley metallic crew socks, $21

You can’t take your socks too seriously. These Mega Babes socks, $12 from Shopbop are purely for fun.


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OK. These are black. But they’ve got a cute slogan. Missguided K Bye Socks, $6

Ohhhhh when was the last time you wore legwarmers? Perhaps the mid 80’s? Well it’s time to revisit them, but these are super chic and cozy. Not exactly socks but we just love them. Pirouette Leg Warmer, $38, by Free People

Practical but still fun, these multi-color socks are great for the weekend when curling up with your favorite book.Get a pack of 5 Vintage style warm winter crew socks for $17.99 from Amazon.

Check out these beauties. They’re hand knit in Italy. Plus they are gold. Maria La Rosa metallic ribbed-knit socks, $22, Net-A-Porter

This fishnet pair is just so pretty. And that color. Emilio Cavallini metallic double knit dark purple socks, $18, Intermix

These vibrant stripes will make you happy when you open your updated socks drawer. Ellinor Wool Sock, $22 from Happy Socks.

Now just be sure to set a date and do this at least once a year from now on! 

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