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best scented candles

The Lowdown On 5 Of The Best Scented Candles

I. LOVE. CANDLES. I love candles. So here’s the lowdown on the five best scented candles, from the super affordable to the Read More

Best Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Guide

The Best Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Guide From A Breast Cancer Survivor

Why is this the best breast cancer awareness gift guide ever? Well, because every single item was created by someone who was Read More

how to wear red lipstick

Do I Have Lipstick On My Teeth?

I am the girl who’s always asking, “Do I have lipstick on my teeth?” So I decided to get to the bottom Read More

back-to-school items you will want

Back To School Stuff You Will Want To Keep. For Yourself.

It’s August and the back-to-school buzz is in the air. You know what I’m talking about. The emails about sports registration. The Read More

How To Look Beautiful At The Beach

Swimsuit Makeup: How To Look Beautiful At The Beach

I asked my beauty Guru Lauren Dimet Waters what kind of makeup we should be wearing at the beach or the pool. Read More

can grownups wear bangs

The Big Bang Theory: Can Grownups Wear Bangs?

I had bangs when I was a little girl. Then I did wispy bangs in the 80’s. Followed by the Bjork micro-bang Read More

white jeans

Not Just Another Pretty…Pair of White Jeans

White jeans do seem to stand the test of time. They always look great and are a quintessential classic you can pair Read More