My Visit To The Original Zazu Salon & Day Spa In Hinsdale

I recently visited Zazu Salon & Day Spa in Hinsdale, a western suburb of Chicago. This is the original salon of four family owned and operated businesses. In the past months I have had the opportunity to visit all of their salons which also include Chicago, Wheaton and Naperville. They each feel similar in their decor and their super friendly service but each salon has its own individual character.

Zazu Salon & Day Spa in Hinsdale

Zazu Salon & Day Spa In Hinsdale
Zazu Hinsdale Salon & Day Spa

The Hinsdale salon is located in the heart of downtown across from the train station surrounded by quaint boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. There is street meter parking and Zazu recommended the 4 hour parking meters only a block away which only cost $1 total to park!

Zazu Hinsdale hair colorist and stylist Parker
Zazu Hinsdale Colorist and Stylist Parker

When I walked in to the Hinsdale location I felt right at home! I was greeted by Parker, my colorist and stylist for the day. I thought for a minute, “Could this young and lovely stylist help me with my aging hair?” Well you bet she did! Most of the stylists at Zazu do both color and styling, which is one of the reasons Parker joined Zazu. She loves to do both! I like the convenience off having one person do both as well. They can get to know your hair and can tweak as they go along. The hair cut and color process seems to go a little quicker, too.


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Anti-Aging Hair Styling Tips

I asked Parker what she recommended for women over 40. Her anti-aging hair tips for hair color is to avoid super chunky highlights, super dark, and most importantly the color should compliment your skin tone. Don’t let it wear you.

When it comes to to style, Parker says you should follow the trends! This way you won’t look dated. Only keep it customized for you and don’t go overboard. She told me long or short hair styles can work for any age. Right now, shaggy cuts for long hair and smooth bobs for short hair are on trend.

My Zazu Color and Cut

My hair is thinning at the temples and has some grey so I usually get highlights and lowlights. Parker mixed up color to give me brighter highlight color but not too brassy or platinum. She used demi-perm on the dark and permanent color on the light. Then she toned down the highlights with a gloss. The color was perfect! 

When it came to styling Parker said, “I’d like to try something a little more shaggy.” I was game as long as she did not make it look thinner and I could easily style it and pull it back into a pony tail. She told me she was going to take 2 inches off and I was OK with that.

my hair style Zazu Salon & Day Spa in Hinsdale
My haircut color and style at Zazu

I watched as Parker expertly cut my hair at slight angles and shagged some of the edges, but she kept the fullness. She styled it with Shu Uemura blow dry cream for fine to medium hair so it would not get weighed down. She blow dried my hair and added a few curls with a styling wand. I loved the results. Better yet, I have been able to style it myself at home and I can wear it either straight or wavy.

L'Oreal color bar at Zazu Salon & Day Spa in Hinsdale
Zazu Hinsdale color bar
Zazu Salon & Day Spa Hinsdale waiting area
Zazu Hinsdale waiting area
Zazu Salon & Day Spa in Hinsdale make up application
Zazu Hinsdale makeup stations

Besides hair styling, Zazu Hinsdale Salon & Day Spa offers services including manicures, pedicures, makeup application and massage.

Visit all of the Zazu Salon and Day Spa locations in Hinsdale, Chicago, Wheaton and Naperville.

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Services provided for review but the opinions are my own.

Photos: Fountain Of 30

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Zazu Salon and Day Spa  wavy highlighted hairstyle shown from the  back and photo outside the salon

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