Anti-Aging Hairstyling Tips From The Experts At Zazu Exchange Naperville

I visited Zazu Exchange Naperville for a much needed hair color and cut, and left feeling so much younger (with all my grey hair covered) and with a fabulous style that fits my busy lifestyle. I was thrilled with the salon and the anti-aging hairstyling tips from the pros at Zazu Exchange Naperville.

This lZazu ocation in Naperville offers full service and is also home of the Zazu Exchange. You can purchase beauty products including hair care and a wide variety of makeup in exchange for services such as massages, blowouts, beauty makeup application and more. Read more about my experience at Zazu Exchange here.

anti-aging hairstyling tips Stylist Christy Goluszka and Colorist Judy Johnson
Zazu Naperville Stylist Christy Goluszka and Colorist Judy Johnson.

Anti-Aging Hairstyling Tips

On this visit for full color and styling services, I was greeted by stylist Christy Goluszka and colorist Judy Johnson. I hit it off immediately with both of them as we realized we are all around the same age and they have a great understanding of aging hair. They both agreed I can keep my hair long and Christy suggested to bring it up a few inches to create a little more volume. They also added an express keratin treatment to strengthen and smooth my colored hair. This treatment is ideal for finer (aging) hair like mine. Christy had a styling plan for me and then turned me over to Judy for color.


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Hairstyling Tips: Color and Express Keratin

I told Judy I like the blond highlights in my hair and she agreed that blond works well for grey hair regrowth and is a good shade to lighten and brighten up our skin tone as we age. My hair was looking too much like all one color and she wanted to add depth. Judy held a few strands of my hair up to show me how translucent it was (another aging hair issue). She used foil highlights and color to cover the grey and balance the color.

Then she swept in “whispers” of a lighter color in strategic places. She rinsed me out, wrapped my head in the Zazu signature hot towel treatment while I took a moment to relax. Then she applied the express keratin treatment which he just spritzed on. The process only took an extra 5 minutes!

Anti-Aging Hairstyling Tips: Cut and Style

My next chair was with Christy for my cut and style. She expertly cut my hair and added “fullness with a minimum amount of layers.” I felt confident and could tell she knew my hair all too well.

Christy told me that she was a dark brunette but with more grey hair it was getting harder to cover the roots. Besides the darker shade no longer went with her skin tone so she finally got it to the right shade of blonde highlights (colored by Judy of course!) “It was a process because I had to change my makeup as well.” Her tips for women as they age is to go with softer styles, not necessarily shorter, and to find the right hair color to compliment their skin tone. Our skin tone changes as we age, too.

before and after, hair highlights, woman over 40 fountainof30
My (horrendous) before and (phew) after hair color and style!

Christy cut and styled my hair with just enough wave and I was so happy with the color by Judy. The express keratin treatment is a life saver! Now my hair is so much easier to style because the frizz is gone, and it has more shine and texture. I swear by this treatment for anti-aging!

anti-aging tips makeup Artist Laura Taddler
Zazu Makeup Artist Laura Taddler

Zazu also offers complimentary makeovers so I could not walk away just yet. Makeup artist Laura Taddler used  moisture rich Valerie foundation, neutral eye shadows, warm highlighters, a simple eyeliner, mascara and a beautiful lip color to finish off my complete Zazu look. Now you know all the proper anti-aging hairstyling tips from the experts at Zazu Exchange.

Anti-Aging Hairstyling Tips, women over 50, fountainof30
My complete Zazu look.

 anti-aging hairstyling tips Zazu Exchange event sign with invitation

Join the Zazu Exchange for Brunch Bubbles and Beauty on Sunday, September 30th from 9:00 am – 12:pm.

Visit Zazu Exchange Naperville today!  135 S Washington St, Naperville, IL  |   (630) 355-2230

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Disclosure: Service provided for review.

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