How To Adjust Your Wardrobe When You Change Your Hair Color

We’re guessing that most of you reading this have changed your hair color drastically at least once, whether that’s updating it to another trendy hue or lightening it up to cover grays – or both! When you change your hair color your new hue might be fabulous and perfect with your skin tone and eye color, but it might not be perfect with your wardrobe.

How To Adjust Your Wardrobe When You Change Your Hair Color Significantly!

adjust your wardtobe model in 5 colors Burberry plaid sacrves
Burberry Tonal Vintage Check Cashmere Scarf, $430

Go shopping and try on all the things.

Try on scarves or tops in various colors – even colors you would have never tried before – and see how they look with your new ‘do. Take an objective friend (or Facetime one!) if you can. Also, take pics so you can look at the options later and objectively assess when you’re at home. A big department store is usually best for this, since they have the most varied color palettes as well as the same item available in multiple shades and hues. Something like this Burberry scarf which comes in five widely different tones would work well.

Change Your Hair Color medium grey sweter on model
AQUA Cashmere High/Low Cashmere Sweater in grey, black, white/cream, $89

Stick with neutrals when you change your hair color until you figure it out.

Black, gray, and white/cream will generally work with most hair colors, so dressing in grayscale is a chic way to handle the adjustment, at least at first. And there’s never anything wrong with a well-cut gray sweater like this one by Aqua.


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Change Your Hair Color warm gold and cool blue dangle crystak earrings
Kendra Scott Aria Drop Earrings in gold or navy gunmetal, now $187.50

Focus on pieces that frame your face, like scarves, jewelry and tops.

A great scarf, big necklace, or bold earrings in a flattering color can “save” a beloved shirt if its color doesn’t fit your new hair. Something like these Kendra Scott earrings in the gold/glass for warm tones or the navy/indigo for cool shades would work well (plus they are just gorgeous).

Tie Neck Popover in Copper and Sweater in Midnight
Vince Tie Neck Popover in Copper, $295 and MINKPINK Whole Hearted Sweater in Midnight, $79

Adjust your colors in cool to warm and warm to cool.

You’re going to need to make different changes based on where in the spectrum your original and new hair colors fall, and how drastic the change was. Warm to cool is usually fairly easy – warm hair color, warmer shades in your wardrobe, and vice versa. One example is how a burnt orange blouse like this one by Vince works so well on the reddish brown-haired model, while a cooler brunette looks amazing in this cozy deep blue sweater by MINKPINK.


when you cnage your hair color white shirt on brunetter model and black blouse on blond modlel
Equipment Signature Blouse in Bright White, $230 and Bailey44 Truth Serum Velvet Top in Black, $168

Wear dark to light or light to dark.

On one hand, if you usually wear black (guilty) and take your hair darker, you might look a little too harsh in black. On other hand, if you go lighter, the contrast between black and other dark shades can be stunning – but white, ivory, or camel might be too dull. For instance, this bright white Equipment blouse looks great on the brunette model, while this black velvet Bailey44 blouse looks awesome on the blonde.

when you cnage your hair colorcompact of 2 shades duo brow powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo, $23

Don’t forget your brows!

Whether you actually tint them in the salon or just fill them in everyday, you’ll likely need to change the hue (generally this is a matter of warm or cool undertones) so they coordinate with your new hair. Don’t be that person with brows that clash with their hair. We’re fans of the Anastasia Brow Powder Duos.  There is enough variety in the shade range to suit all your changeable hair needs, and the powder looks super natural plus it’s easy to apply.

when you cnage your hair color NARS Audacious Lipstick black tube Antique Rose
NARS Audacious Lipstick, Anita – Antique Rose, $34

Or the rest of your face.

Same goes for the rest of your face, particularly lipstick and blush/cheek color. A bronzed face might be stunning with blonde highlights but look off with a red shade. When you deepen your hair color, there is a chance you will need a little more oomph in the cheek and lip color department as well (may we suggest Nars Audacious lipstick – the Anita shade is a “your lips but better” rose that’s ideal for for many skin tones – but might be particularly perfect for a blonde that just went brunette!).

While changing up your hair is (hopefully) a fun and exciting moment, don’t neglect the rest of the things you might need to change as well!

What’s the biggest color switch you’ve ever done, and what did you have to do differently?

– Jacqueline Zenn

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How To Adjust Your Wardrobe and Makeup For A Totally New Hair Color


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