How To Wear A Headband From The Runway To The Real Way

I have always loved headbands and own many different jewel encrusted and velvet headbands for weird hair days or for days when my outfit needs a little extra something. And I am a huge fan of wearing a bandana tied as a headband with a knot on the side as a casual way to keep me cool during the hot summer months.

How To Wear A Headband

It’s a challenge to find an age-appropriate way to style your hair. A headband or scarf can be a fun or sophisticated way to go when styled properly, but done wrong you can look ancient. I am always up for the challenge though, especially when a new fashion trend emerges, such as padded headbands which seem to be everywhere this season!

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How To Wear A Headband from The Runway

Want to get in on a huge trend and not spend a lot of money, keeping your cost per wear at a reasonable amount? Padded headbands have been emerging as a new trend in the realm of accessories recently. Headbands (specifically padded headbands) and scarves have been all over the lately. Prada, Miu Miu and Simone Rocha have all sent models wearing padded headbands down the runway for spring 2019. The result is an unexpected look that is equal parts regal and quirky. Sporty headbands have been in for a while (think Gucci and Fendi) and remain popular, however more ladylike and classic padded headbands are having a huge moment right now.

With a variety of headband styles, you’re bound to find one that works for your personal style and haircut. When styled properly, they make you look sophisticated in a really unexpected way. Blair Waldorf would approve! Here’s where to purchase and how to style headbands and scarves for less!

How To Wear The Padded Headband Trend velvet knotted and black vlevet with pearls fountain of 30
Etsy Braided Bohemian Crown Velvet Headband, $47 | Lele Sadoughi Petite Jet Pearl Woven Headband, $88

The Padded Headband Trend

If you’re going after a classic look, this new padded headband trend has major royal Kate Middleton vibes. There are many different styles featuring velvet, embellishments, jewels and pearls, like this versatile braided velvet headband from Etsy and pearl embellished stunner from Lele Sadoughi. Pair with trousers, a lace top and berry lipstick for a ladylike, polished look. So, how do you style these padded headbands? You can keep your hair down or pull it into a low ponytail, braid or bun. Keep it simple since the padded headband really makes a statement. I find keeping the height of your ponytail lower looks chicer with headbands like these.

how to wear a headband with a pony tail top knotted and flat headband
Free People Striped Knot Top Headband, $24 | Topshop Multi Coloured Snake Skin Print Headband, $18

Effortless Headbands That Can Be Worn with A Ponytail

My personal go to over the years is a headband similar to this knot top headband from Free People. Make sure the knot isn’t centered on your head and is pushed to one side! I love wearing this style of headband in the summer with a ponytail or braids. It really keeps you cool during the heat! This colorful snake skin headband from Topshop makes a statement even though its silhouette is flatter. It would also work with a high ponytail and gives off major 80’s throwback vibes. High ponytails work with these headbands since they aren’t as padded.

How To Wear A Headscarf headband scarfs stripe florals models fountainof30
ASOS Design Headband with Long Scarf Ties in Stripe Print, $9.50 | Liars & Lovers Abstract Floral Print Headscarf, $19 | ASOS Design Bright Green Floral Knot Front Headscarf, $9.50

How to Wear a Headband Scarf

Just in time for springtime, headbands that are also scarves are trending. This striped headband scarf from ASOS makes us nostalgic for the 60’s. It has a built-in headband with a scarf so it will stay put. This Liars & Lovers abstract floral print headscarf is also really fun and definitely doesn’t break the bank! Scarf style headbands are also effortless, so don’t worry about your hair looking too perfect. Tie the scarf on one side of a low ponytail, bun or braid, or hide it underneath your hair if you keep it down.

How to wear a headband with short hair knot soft headband and leather headband fountainof30
Free People Studio Knot Soft Headband, $20 | Epona Valley Narrow Leather Headband, $290

How to Wear a Headband with Short Hair

Despite what you may think, headbands work really well with short hair and give you many possibilities for hairstyles. Your headband, with the help of bobby pins, will help to keep your hair in a bun or ponytail. You can also twist your hair around a scarf for an effortless look. There are a few options, but the easiest is to wrap your hair inward around the scarf, tuck it under and knot the scarf.

How to wear a headband with bangs 2 modles knot stripe headband and cow print headband founttainof30
Free People Starboard Headband, $20 | ASOS Design Headband with Knot front in Cow Print, $10

How to Wear a Headband with Bangs

Headbands can be a great option if you’re growing out your bangs or hairstyle after a recent haircut or in between when you’re switching up hairstyles. If you have bangs, headbands can push them off your face, or showcase them depending on how you wear your headband. Skinnier headbands are ideal for wearing with bangs because they stay put all day and let your bangs take the center stage. If you’re trying to push your bangs off your face, choose an effortless style.

Now that you know how to wear a headband, why not try one? Which style will you be wearing?

– Claire Mykrantz

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