How To Wear Faux Fur And Look Chic Over 40

Every winter faux fur of every stripe (and spot, color, and length) shows up in the stores, with options that range from the outrageous to the subdued or downright tame.

Now we love a dramatic coat and there’s no denying that a cozy, luxurious faux fur piece can be a great way to treat yourself and bring some glamour to chilly days. However, not all faux fur is of the same quality. It also can be tough to style faux fur in a way that fits your style vision, no matter whether you are going for a sophisticated look, something more creative and trendy, or something super classic.

Here are the ways that we love to wear faux fur and how to pair it with other pieces so you look modern, chic and fun this winter.


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Go Boldly Faux

A faux fur in a bold saturated color or jewel tone is always a favorite. And going obviously faux can alleviate some of the unnatural weirdness that sometimes occurs when faux fur looks like a cheap version of the real deal (we’re faux-only when it comes to fur, but not all faux fur is equally nice.). A shocking pink or electric blue is definitely not found in nature, however, so bright pops of color like this raspberry recycled faux fur coat from Apparis just works perfectly.

Or Stick To Animal Prints Commonly Found In Nature

On the other hand, prints or patterns found in nature such as leopard print, cheetah print, lynx print, giraffe print, and more can be fun as well. They are practically modern classics! We tend to think of these types of animal prints as a neutral and they are definitely more invigorating than basic black or navy in the winter. For example, wouldn’t this Kensie leopard print or this snow leopard Kenneth Cole coat liven things up come January?

Faux Fur Vest Versus Jacket

Don’t want to commit to a full-on faux fur jacket? Start small with a faux fur vest like this deep gray textured style from Via Spiga. Vests are underrated layering options because they can cinch in the waist, add a bit of warmth, and generally be that “third piece” that takes jeans and a tee to the next level. This makes a faux fur vest a great cozy layering piece for fall and winter.

Trim It Up

Not ready for a full-on faux fur coat or jacket? A bit of fur trim adds some life to a basic coat or jacket (this one from H&M is just about perfect). Or you can test out the look with a faux fur scarf, a wrap, mittens, or gloves with fur at the wrist like these from Vagasi at Amazon.

Don’t Forget The Footwear

A subtle but fun way to liven things up in the fall and winter is a pair of boots with a faux fur cuff. We don’t mean Uggs or one of the many knockoff versions, of course, but rather an ankle boot or wedge with a bit of fur, like this affordable pair by Journee. Fur-trimmed booties are a great way to add some color, texture, or pattern to a winter look.

Bring Faux Fur Into Your Home Decor

Love the look of fur but don’t love wearing it? Fur and animal patterns can lend a luxurious sensibility to any room. Try a faux fur throw blanket to work it in your interior design somehow. We also love a leopard or zebra print accent chair or pillow, or get a plush sheepskin-styled rug like this one from Ashler via Amazon.

Recognize That Sometimes Faux Fur Is Just A Miss

While we love faux versions of all the above items, we would like to point out that there are moments where it is really tough to make faux fur or animal prints work. For instance, we can’t remember ever seeing a faux fur handbag that was a good idea, and sometimes patterns in colors decidedly not found in nature (think hot pink leopard print) are really challenging to pull off.

Shop Faux Fur for Women Over 40

Pictured above from left to right:

Apparis Stella Recycled Faux Fur Coat, $395

Kensie Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat, $79.97

Kenneth Cole New York Faux Fur Jacket, $64.97

Via Spiga Faux Fur Vest, $69.97

H&M Coat with Faux Fur Collar, $79.99

Vagasi Women Winter Gloves, $17.99

Journee Collection Comfort Foam™ Madge Wedge Bootie, $59.99

Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug White Fluffy Area Rug Shag Rug Carpets for Bedroom Living Room, 2 x 3 Feet, $18.99

Do you wear faux fur? How about animal prints? How do you work the cozy luxe-ness of fur into your wardrobe or style in the winter (or anytime)? Tell us your favorite ways to rock the faux fur in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook Group.

– Jacqueline Zenn

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