How to Capture Luxury Hotel Style For Your Home

Staying in a luxury hotel is special treat for most of us and just the thought of it conjures up images of room service, romantic lobby bars, and high thread counts. The things that make a luxury hotel stand apart from others are the small details. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that feeling every day? Here are some ideas of how to bring these special touches home with you. You can easily capture luxury hotel style for your home.

luxury hotel style for your home

As soon as you enter the lobby you feel you are in another world. No matter the size of your entryway to your home you can make it a special place, altering the mood of everyone who walks through your door. Put up decadent wallpaper or bold color on the first wall you see. Maybe something sparkly for an ultra feminine look or a wild pattern you would not use in a larger space. Set up a vignette making it a place that sets the tone for how you want people to feel whether it’s sleek, romantic or homey.

Floral arrangements in public spaces of hotels are another way to bring this look to your home. You may opt for the tall, streamlined look of the tropical birds of paradise, a modern (and easily maintained) bowl of succulents, or a romantic bunch of roses. These days silk flowers have become more popular since the quality has so vastly improved that most people can not tell the difference without touching them. If you go this route it is extremely important you get a very high quality product. Spend the extra money and you will save a lot in the long run. Another option is a preserved topiary. These are actually real boxwood plants that are preserved. If occasionally spritzed with water they will keep their lush look for years.


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Choose a trademark fragrance and use it consistently throughout your home. Jo Malone is my favorite and Pomagranate Noir is my go-to, but they have a fragrance for every possible taste. There are a variety of citrus options, many florals, spicy, woodsy, and then if you go in to one of their shops they will help you combine them to make your own personal fragrance. Arrange a display in your bathroom with soap, lotions & potions that will welcome guests. Continue the same fragrance throughout the house with diffusers, candles, linen spray and room spray. It will create a decadent ambience.

Beds in fine hotels are almost always luxurious and some hotel chains have had so many requests for their bedding they even sell them to the public. The Westin calls their beding the Heavenly Bed, and I concur. They offer many options in their collection not just including the bed, linens & pillows, but also their entire bathroom set up, from shower head to shampoo. You can even treat your furry friend to a heavenly experience!

Sweet dreams!

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– Madeleine Donovan

Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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