Change Your View: How To Update Your Home For The New Year

The start of a new year is exciting! It gives us the opportunity to make a fresh start and refine ourselves. Maybe you want to start incorporating more color in your life, modernize your self image, or become more streamlined. All of these characteristics can apply to both fashion and home decor. Update your home for the new year! When you start at home it will be a daily reminder to you to carry your chosen goal through the other aspects of your life all year long.

A few simple pieces can make a huge difference

There are a few pieces in the home that can make a major change to a space all on their own. Sometimes it is as simple as a colorful new rug or some decadent drapes. These items will also inspire you to make other smaller changes with accessories and furniture pieces.


There is a current trend of modernizing traditional rug styles that has been quickly evolving. The original technique is to over-dye an antique rug to give it a more monochromatic look while retaining the pattern. This caught on quickly and designers have been elaborating on this theme with additional styles, always trying to come up with some new trend. This rug from Anthropologie comes in various colors to match any interior. I love the boldness of the colors that seem to be tempered with the familiar shapes which takes the edge off. Anthropologie also has some traditional oriental style rugs that have tufted, more modern flowers added to them. It adds a bit of whimsy on an otherwise stuffy piece.


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Drapes can be used to add a pop of color, bring in pattern or texture, or create calm in an otherwise busy space. With endless fabric options you can create anything you desire. Adding trim to store-bought drapes will customize them to your personal style. Etsy is a wonderful resource for hand made pieces. You can find a multitude of styles there or have someone make something very specific that you design yourself.


Another great way to change things up is with table linens. There are many places outside of the dining room to use table linens. A runner on your cocktail table will create a space to set up a collection of items. A full length cloth on an end table will turn it into a more substantial piece of furniture. You can match them to your window treatments or an upholstery fabric to tie the room together. Or go bold to emphasize a season or holiday. Consider layering linens as well to create more interest.


Artwork is an easy item to incorporate and can always be moved around to suit any other changes you make to your home. Consider a large piece for big impact, or a collection of pieces within the same theme. Do not be afraid to assemble different styles in a variety of frames. It will add a personal touch to collect your favorite pieces in one space. There are a lot of companies you can find online that will blow up your personal photos as well.

don’t be afraid

Have fun mixing things up for the new year. Be bold and keep in mind that none of these items are permanent. You can always make more modifications along the way but use this opportunity to take some risks and live with them a while. Change your view.

Where to shop to Update Your Home For The New Year

Pictured Above:

Kartell Louis Ghost Chair, $445

Christopher Guy Acacia Mirror, $2,012

Wayfair Basics Poplin Table Runner, many more colors available, now $11.96

Anthropologie Hand-Knotted Talia Rug, $548.00 – $2,698.00

Etsy Shalimar 100% Silk Drapery Collection. 78 colors! High Quality Custom Silk Drapery. Pinch Pleat, French Pleat Curtains, from $239.21

Theatrical Linen Backdrop – Atlantida, now $318.97

– Madeleine Donovan

Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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