Questionable Celebrity Style At The Pre-Grammy Parties

Music stars have been known to go over-the-top when it comes to style and usually not in a good way. When I hear the word “Grammys” I instantly think “bad fashion” because when music stars take risks, they usually don’t do it well. So I guess maybe we can applaud them for thinking “out-of-the-box” and trying to make a statement. That’s why I’ve decided to go with the term “questionable fashion” rather than call it “bad fashion.” There was plenty of questionable celebrity style at the Pre-Grammy parties this year.

questionable grammy fashion

But wait, there’s more. The Grammy Awards isn’t only about the music artists anymore who try to show off in their statement-making attire because it’s the biggest music night of the year. Actors, actresses, wives, friends and D-list celebs who are merely attending the Grammys have begun to dress just as provocatively which means; just as tacky and just as badly (did you see Coco?). Therefore, it’s not just a “music artist” thing anymore, but a “Grammys” thing. Just check out the fashion from past Grammy Awards and pre-Grammy parties, You’ll see what I’m talking about.

This year was no exception as the “style statements” have returned at the Grammy pre-parties. Take a look at the questionable fashion on these celebrities:


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Janelle Monae 

Now you’re probably wondering why Janelle Monae is on this list. I have to say, I’m up in the air about this look. She usually pulls off unconventional fashion just as well, if not better than many style stars out there, including the Lady Gaga herself. You can see she thinks about her look, tailors it well and makes it elegant even when it’s over-the-top. I guess I can get behind this printed newspaper suit with red lining only because Janelle Monae is wearing it. Yet not just anyone can pull this off. She can,

Lea Michele 

Now Lea Michele is not Janelle Monae and I’m not sure why she thinks she can pull off this velvet number, even if it is all Elie Saab. But hey, it’s the Grammy’s right? Lea Michele’s style has always been hit or miss so I guess I can understand this choice, although to be honest, the weird heart emblazoned blazer with the green wide legged pants just don’t do it for me.

Rita Ora 

Denim all over is never OK, even when showstopper Rita Ora is wearing it. What makes this outfit super questionable (besides the matchy-matchy denim, of course) is what bloggers Tom & Lorenzo call it the bondage style of the dress. Why are the jeans tucked into the ankle strap of the white shoe? Also, what is going on with the cinched waist? I’m just not sure.

Vanessa Hudgens 

What the heck is going on here? Is this a biker look? Is this Rizzo from Grease? I’m not sure why Vanessa Hudgens chose to wear the red bandanna around her neck to the Delta Airlines Pre-Grammy party or the big biker jacket, but I must say that I much prefer her ladylike style to this questionable fashion attire. In my opinion it  screams she’s trying too hard to get noticed. I’m not even sure she chose this look because she liked it.In fact, she probably didn’t.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: Rita Ora,

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