5 Reasons To Wear High Waist Jeans And How To Style Them

I started off slowly with the high waist jeans trend, but now I am a huge proponent and feel every woman must own at least one pair! The first high waist jeans I recalled seeing (in the last decade) were skinny jeans. Since I don’t have skinny legs, I wasn’t much of a fan. Yet I was drawn to the idea of the high waist because I love belts and belted looks. The good news is now you can find high waist jeans in wide leg, straight leg, boyfriend, flared and cropped styles. I know some women over 40 are not so thrilled with the idea of accentuating their waists, but hear me out. There are many denim options and a variety of ways to style this trend so you just might be surprised how well you can rock the look. Here are 5 reasons to wear high waist jeans and tips on how to style them.

5 Reasons to Wear High Waist Jeans

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1. High Waist Jeans are On Trend

When women over 40 ask me what kind of jeans ore ‘IN” and what will make them look cool, I recommend a pair of high waist jeans. If you want to update your closet with only one piece of clothing this year, make it a pair of jeans with a high waist.

2. High Waist Jeans are Comfortable

You heard me right. These jeans are not the uncomfortable ones you remember from the past (digging in at the waist and crotch). Now that there are new fabrics (like denim with 2% or 3% elastine) and styles (like wide leg and boyfriend to suit your figure) you can comfortably wear high waist jeans. And since we are over 40 and don’t care about what size we wear (please do not look at the size) you can go up a size to find a loser pair. They will not only be more comfortable but they will flatter you too.


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3. You Can Wear Shorter Tops

With a high waist pair of jeans you can wear shorter tops. You know, those tops that are not long enough and creep up to reveal your belly skin? That always happened with low waist jeans. So if you are like me and have kept some tops and sweaters that were on the shorter side, you can now revive them! I can tuck in all my blouses that used to pull out of low rise jeans. Even if you don’t wear a sweater or top tucked in, wearing one out over a higher waist works beautifully and keeps you covered. You will have more freedom of movement! Purchasing one pair of high waist jeans is like getting an entirely new wardrobe.

4. High Waist Jeans Are Flattering

I understand high waist jeans may not be right for every woman, but give them a try. Trust me, they can be very flattering for a curvy figure, whether you are large or small, and they can create curves for a straight figure. For example, almost all body shapes can wear them with a belt and under a blazer. The eye is drawn to the belt buckle and not necessarily the waist line.

You will also like high waist jeans without a belt. Because these jeans have a high waist, you can and should still wear pieces over them. And when the jeans are stretch denim, they hold your stomach in a bit and make you look and feel slimmer (like control tops).

4. High Waist Jeans Are Versatile

High waist jeans are perfect for tucking in loose blouses, thin sweaters and tops and you can accentuate your waist with a belt! You can wear thick belts with bold buckles, thin or medium width belts, or no belt at all. The high waist looks fabulous under blazers, cropped jackets and moto jackets as well as maxi and midi coats and cardigans. And as with all denim jeans, you can dress them up or wear them casually.

How to Wear High Waist Jeans Over 40

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Avoid super trendy denim

When you are over 40, it is best to avoid super distressed styles with holes. All shades of denim are on trend right now, from dark to very light. That includes the medium blue wash that may remind you of a by-gone decade you’d like to forget. But this medium wash shade is quite versatile and makes all your black tops and jackets (I know you have them) stand out. A darker shade or black is more slimming, but you may like a lighter blue wash or a grey pair.

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Find a pair that flatters you

If you are slim or have a balanced figure, you can go with a pair of high waist skinny jeans…or any style for that matter! Looser styles are also on trend and can hide a multitude of figure flaws in the legs and hips. If you are short waisted or larger busted you may need a pair that hits a bit lower lower on the waist and just over the hips. Long waisted or smaller chested women can go with super high waist styles, including paper bag style. If none of the high waist jean styles are working for you, then simply skip this trend! You might find another new pair of jeans that are a better style for you.

Saint Laurent belt with high waist jeans and cardigan
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Pick a pair that fits your lifestyle

How do you usually wear jeans? Do you wear denim to work or only for casual occasions? Do you like to dress up denim when you go out? Consider how you will wear a pair of high waist jeans and think of which jeans you may replace and find something similar.

You will really need to try them on to find the pair that is right for you. If you shop online choose brands that have fit you well before and order them in the a few sizes in several styles and colors. Consider going up one size so they skim the body which usually makes for a better fit when it comes to high waist jeans. If the waist is slightly loose, remember you can cinch it in with that fabulous belt!

Will you be trying the high waist jeans trend?

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