How to Get This Halston Sage Teal Look for Less

Can a woman over 40 dress like a 26 year old? Should she?  Well you can and should if you wear the look Halston Sage (we had to look her up too) wore yesterday for an interview in NYC. The actress wore a gorgeous teal colored monochromatic outfit that was sleek and sophisticated. I adore how the loose fitting high waist satin pants contrast with a cozy cropped chunky sweater. The only thing I would change for women over 40 would be to avoid the flash of abs (although she can get away with it) with a longer crop sweater. I would wear a long(er) sweater with a French tuck (tuck in the front and let it hang in the back) to show off the high waistband.

This outfit is very versatile and can go from day to evening with its mix of satin and textured knit. Teal is a gorgeous color, not only because it is on-trend but also because it is flattering to most skin tones. Besides you can wear teal with black. Halston’s classic black suede pumps look stunning against the teal satin fabric. Her textured, tonal teal bag is the perfect finish to her look. She appears to be wearing a Sally LaPointe runway look, but you may not want to pay $1000 for a pair of satin pants from the designer. That’s why I put together this Halston Sage teal monochromatic look for less.

Halston Sage Teal Look for Less

Halston Sage Teal Look for LessThis Caslon® Cozy Relaxed Turtleneck Sweater in teal is very similar to Halston’s top, only it is a longer length you can tuck in a bit at the waist (that’s the French tuck shown above). This way you will avoid showing skin and you’ll stay warm. This sweater was $59, and now it is only $35.40! What a steal.


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teal sweater Topshop Crop Bouclé fountianof30

If you want to go for a cropped look, this Topshop Crop Bouclé Sweater is a deal at $68. It has a lovely textured knit and a slightly space-dyed color to blend in with the teal pants. You may want to order it up one size to get a little extra length to avoid a flash of abs.

teal Rebecca Taylor Wide Leg Satin Trouser

These Rebecca Taylor Wide Leg Satin Trousers were $295 and are now on sale for $176.98. They are the perfect teal shade to match either of the sweaters above. And you just saved about $825 over a pair of Sally LaPointe designer pants!

ASOS Design teal satin utility pocket pants fountainof30

Get a fabulous deal with these ASOS Design satin utility pocket pants only you need to do a little work. Snip off the drawstring ties at the cuffs with a scissors and iron out any wrinkles. That’s really all you need to do. They are on sale for $33 or the tall size version is on sale for only $19. Another option is to get the tall size and cut and hem them to fit you exactly.

textured teal bag monichrome outfit fountainof30

Halston is carrying the perfect little bag for this monochromatic look. Her bag is structured and textured, and not exactly matchy-matchy which is what makes it work. I found this Topshop Cindy Blue Lizard Mini Cross Body Bag for only $35. It has a detachable strap, which I like better removed, to look more like Halston Sage’s bag.

Another Monochromatic Outfit Shade Of Blue

blue monochrome look for less sweater fountainof30

You can pick any color you like to get Halston Sage’s monochromatic outfit. I came across this brighter blue Treasure & Bond Oversize Cotton Blend Sweater for $79 and found pants and a bag to match. You can do the same and put together an outfit in green, red, burgundy or any color you like!

blue Michelle Mason Silk Wide Leg Trousers fountainof30

These blue Michelle Mason Silk Charmeuse Wide Leg Trousers were $495, are reduced to $309, and now you can an extra 50% off at checkout! So they are only $154.50.

blue lizard Topshop Gabs Grab Bag fountainof30

I found another gorgeous mini-bag from Topshop, this time to tonally match our brighter blue ensemble. This Topshop Gabs Grab Bag was $48 and is now only $23.99!

The Black Point Toe Pumps

black sued piut toe pump halsotn sage teal look for lessI love the look of rich black suede pumps with satin. These Enzo Angiolini Ranci Pumps are only $44.48 and have an easy-to-wear heel height of 2-1/2 inches.

Halston Sage Monochromatic Outfit Styling Tips

Mix Textures

Take it from Halston Sage’s all teal outfit. Monochromatic looks work best when you mix up your textures. Her chunky textured ribbed knit sweater contrasts her sleek and shiny silk pants. Then she adds another subtle tone with her color blocked combination smooth and textured leather handbag. If all the pieces were exactly matching smooth fabrics and the bag smooth leather, the outfit would work but it may look a bit flat and one-dimensional.

Mix Styles

Halston’s sweater can be a daywear or more casual piece yet it is mixed with with dressy satin evening pants. This mix of styles makes her look more interesting and that’s how monochromatic styling works. Mixing styles like this give her more versatility, too. Wearing the black pumps makes her outfit work from day to evening. But she can wear sneakers with it another time to dress it down, or wear metallic strappy sandals to make it even dressier.

Mix Tones

You don’t have to get the exact dye colors to match for a monochrome outfit. Get the colors as close as you can and if it is a shade (darker) or a tint (lighter) off the pieces will blend. In fact, a shade off adds more dimension to your look. Notice how Halston’s handbag is a a shade different than her pants and sweater, but it stands out and pulls the whole outfit together.

Any Color Works

Use your favorite color or one that works best for your skin tone to put together a monochromatic outfit. Darker colors may be easier to wear but don’t be afraid to go bold or pastel (black doesn’t count). Wearing all one color is flattering and slimming because it elongates you, and who doesn’t want to appear taller? It’s like wearing a jumpsuit, only much easier to wear because you have two pieces! Make your own version of this Halston Sage monochromatic look for less in any color your like.

Will you be trying this monochromatic look for less? What color would you like to wear?


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Photo: InStyle

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