It’s Official! I’m Becoming A Green Anti-Aging Beauty Expert

Green Anti-Aging Beauty Expert

I’m in the process of learning to become a green anti-aging beauty expert – out of default. I have had to completely relearn everything I ever knew about beauty products.

Why I’m Becoming A Green Anti-Aging Beauty Expert

Here’s the back story. Last month my face suddenly broke out in a painful, blistery, ugly, red rash. It itched and took everything out of me not to scratch myself to death. After a few days in utter agony I knew I needed a visit to my dermatologist who confirmed I had contact dermatitis. She prescribed an ointment and told me to stop wearing makeup until it cleared (a death sentence). She also had me schedule an appointment with an allergist to have a patch test.

Skin Allergies

It took 5 days of no makeup and this medicated ointment for my face to clear! I was horrified to leave my house. Let’s just say I had my sunglasses on a lot. I actually attended a beauty event with no makeup on. Now that’s brave (or suicide)! In the meantime I endured two rounds of patch tests and the results stunned me. It turns out I have suddenly developed allergies to a lot of preservatives and metals found in skincare, beauty and makeup products. When the doctor asked me if I had tried anything new, I was thinking “Um, do you know what I do? I test new products regularly.” Well those days are gone. I now have to carefully check the ingredients of everything before I use it.


This is what my patch test looked like – disgusting I know.

Skin Allergies Over 40

Apparently you can develop allergies to anything at any time in your life. However, it is more common when you are in your 40’s and 50’s to suddenly develop skin allergies. That’s somewhat comforting, but not when you test and try beauty products for a living. I spent most of a recent Sunday clearing out all my drawers, cabinets and makeup organizers.

If products contain (this one is my worst) Mthylisothiaolinone, Diphenylguandine, Carba Mix, Iodine, Glutaraldehyde, Triclosan, Amalgum, Ethyleneglycol-dimethsacrylate (found in acrylic nails), Methyl methacrylate, NA50, Thimerosal, Benzoyl Peroxide and Polysorbate 80 I will have a reaction. Oh and each of these names have about 15-50 other names they could be listed under. Needless to say, my life has been turned upside down.

pile of beauty products caused allergies fountainof30

All the products I had to toss!

Green Beauty Products

Then I got to thinking, I’ve been putting some pretty nasty stuff on my face, hair and body in the name of beauty? We are so careful about what we eat these days, but what about what we are applying to our skin? Do we even give that a second thought? I do now. So I have been trying to discover and learn about beauty brands that are free of yucky stuff like silicones, talc, gluten, arcrylates, parabens, Glycols, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Thankfully this task is not as hard as it might have been even 5 years ago.

Some brands I have been testing and can use include:

Tata Harper

The Body Shop (now has makeup too)

Jane Iredale

Juice Beauty (which recently added makeup to their line of beauty products)

Josie Maran


VMH Hypollergenics

Votre Vu

I am obviously still learning about more brands I can use every day and will continue to share them as I find them (especially if they are exceptional). If there is a brand or product you think I and/or our readers should know about, please let me know!

Lauren Dimet Waters Signature

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green anti-aging beauty expert


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  • Chidi Beauty 4 years ago Reply

    This makes me so happy! (Not that you have allergies, but that you have joined the world of green beauty). There are so many great green beauty brands, and knowledgeable people for you to discover. Beauty Heroes and Sarita Coren are probably the two easiest places to start. ✨??

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