The 10 Best Organic Mascaras

Due to some recent allergies I have become somewhat of an expert on organic beauty and I thought, why not try mascaras even though mascaras are one of the few things I didn’t have to change from my routine. I figure, It can’t hurt to use a more natural mascara, right? But I tried a few organic mascaras a few years ago and they, ahem, kinda sucked. They either clumped like crazy or just slid off my lashes after a few hours of wear. It was a gooey mess.

The Best Organic Lip Balms

I have read women ingest anywhere between 3.7 pounds to 7 pounds of lipstick (that includes balms) in their lifetime (various reports all have different numbers). Yet if you think about it, ingesting anything you put on your lips that isn’t organic or somewhat healthy is kinda…gross. Once I learned I was allergic to metals and preservatives (which is in a lot of lipsticks and balms) I started researching healthier options. So in this post we are going to take a look at organic lip balms.

Good For Your Skin Body Washes 10 products

The 10 Best Good For Your Skin Body Washes

Ever since I learned this past November I have suddenly developed allergies to a lot of preservatives and metals found in skincare, beauty and makeup products – my life has been turned upside down. Finding a body wash without unwanted chemicals, metals and additives isn’t as easy as you’d think…well at least good ones.

Tata Harper Skincare – Luxurious Green Beauty For Those Of Us Who Care

I recently shared I have had to become a green beauty blogger out of necessity, so the hunt is on! My skin is no longer reacting well to preservatives and other gunk found in many beauty and skincare products. One premium skincare brand that kept coming up in research and recommended by friends was Tata Harper. Therefore I knew I needed to try some of the products. The line was founded in 2010 by Tata Harper with the brilliant idea people no longer have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful.