How To Find The Best Camel Coat For Less

Camel coats will always be a classic staple for chilly weather. They never go out of style, even though they are trending once again for fall 2020. I have had the same camel coat for years and know it was a worthwhile purchase. A quality coat will always be a good investment, especially if it gets cold in the part of the country where you live. Coats tend to be slightly pricey and I know most people don’t want to spend a ton of money right now, so I picked camel coats from $60 to $140 that will last several seasons. I found a wide variety of styles for you too. If you are in the market for a new coat, check for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals too!

Best Camel Coats For Less

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Maxi Camel Coat

If you have long legs or love wearing heeled booties in winter, a maxi coat just might be for you! Your legs will stay extra warm with the extra layer over them. This style might not be for everyone, myself included since I’m 5’2.” Therefore, I would not purchase this style unless I was able to try it on, but it’s definitely a chic option that makes a statement! Throw this coat from ASOS over anything for a dramatic look that’s practical too, since your legs will stay warm.


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Mid Length Camel Coats

Mid length coats are a safe bet because they are versatile and work with both taller and more petite women. Wear them over anything from jeans and a sweater to a dress and tights. This cocoon coat from Uniqlo is an ideal length. You’ll stay warm, but the coat will not wear you. It comes in three additional neutral colors too! Another option is this camel coat from Gap Factory, which is available in two additional colors as well. Wear a scarf with this coat when it’s cold!

Textured Camel Jackets

If you want to have a little fun with your camel coat, play with the texture! This cropped jacket from Topshop is a higher price but would be a worthwhile splurge. The ‘teddy bear’ style was very popular a couple seasons ago is still on trend. I would wear it with simple black pants or skinny denim jeans. Another coat that plays with texture is this corduroy cropped puffer from Urban Outfitters. I love that it’s made with corduroy, very sophisticated! The funnel neck will keep the wind out, but because it’s cropped, I would order a size up and embrace the boxy silhouette.

Camel Colored Puffer

For those with a sportier style, puffer jackets are always easy to throw on and keep clean when you’re constantly on the go. This camel puffer from ASOS is a no-brainer for those looking for a no-nonsense boxy puffer jacket. It’s the perfect casual coat for everyday errands. Plus, it’s got a hood and funnel neck for warmth!

Simple Camel Coats

If you are looking for a simple camel coat with a sleek silhouette, there are literally tons of options out there. This coat from J. Crew Factory would be a classic in your wardrobe and will match basically anything you pair it with. It comes in six colors including bright pink and yellow, if that better matches your style! Just be sure the bright color won’t affect your cost per wear, since you might wear it fewer times than classic camel. Another simple coat is this short funnel-neck coat from Banana Republic Factory. It’s the ideal everyday coat to wear to the office (in the future!) since it pairs well with business casual attire.

Tips for Styling Camel Coats

  • If you are taller, consider a long camel coat for a dramatic effect.
  • Mid length coats are a safe bet if you are short and don’t want a jacket that is cropped.
  • Play with texture, such as soft, cozy fabric or corduroy.
  • A puffer jacket is ideal for a sporty, casual everyday look.
  • Camel coats that have a sleek silhouette are wonderful investments.
  • If camel is not flattering to your skin tone, wear it over a black, bright color or pastel color sweater or scarf. Camel goes with absolutely every color and pattern too.

Shop The Best Camel Coat for Less

  1. ASOS Design Brushed Luxe Maxi Coat in Camel, now $89.25

2. Uniqlo Women’s Double Face Cocoon Coat, now $89.90 

3. Gap Factory Long Top Coat, now $64.99

4. Topshop Camel Crop Borg Jacket, $135

5. Urban Outfitters Lucy Corduroy Cropped Puffer Jacket, $119

6. ASOS New Look Hooded Boxy Puffer in Camel, $60

7.  J. Crew Factory City Coat, now $98

8. Banana Republic Factory Short Funnel-Neck Coat, now $118.99

Which camel coat best suits your style? Happy shopping!

–Claire Mykrantz

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