Golden Globes Awards 2024 Fashion: The Standouts and The So-Sos

It’s the start of awards season, kicked off with the Golden Globes Awards 2024! No one was surprised to see Succession and Oppenheimer top the winner’s list at this year’s 81st  annual Golden Globe Awards. I was, however, surprised to see a lackluster response to first-time host comedian Jo Koy, loved-up Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamat (I’m sure that’s what we all want to see … note the sarcasm), and a rather stellar list of A-listers in stunning looks on the red carpet.

Golden Globes Awards 2024 Fashion

Fashion-wise, the Golden Globes Awards 2024 red carpet had some great trends going on. There was the lilac trend, and the red trend, and of course, the silver metallics trend. And then there’s one trend that got a whole lot of attention – but you won’t find it in the fashion magazines. I call it the “so-so” trend.

Yes, you guessed it. There were a lot of standouts on the red carpet, but there were also a lot of so-so outfits and for me, that is so SO terrible. So-so in my book means blah … meh…eh. Not terrible. But not amazing either. These looks are not the worst thing I’ve ever seen – but not something to remember. 


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Unfortunately, there were a lot of these looks this year. But before I go into that, let’s take a look at the standouts. 

The Standouts 

Natalie Portman in Dior
Natalie Portman in Dior

At a time when Dior is all about muted colors, Natalie Portman is like a gorgeous spring flower come to life. I love the vibrant gradients on her embroidered Dior dress and I think she really stood out on the red carpet. 

Carey Mulligan in Schiaparelli

For me, it’s the hourglass silhouette on this stunning Schiaparelli that does it. Carey Mulligan looks divine in this archival look from 1949. Yes, it’s called a lobster skirt, which Bazaar has referred to as a real fashion delicacy, but there’s something so Old Hollywood about it all, too.

Heidi Klum in Sophie Couture 

Heidi Klum’s looks are always hit and miss. This one is obviously a hit. I always love a good ball gown. And the dress seems taylor-made for her, and it probably is. 

Julianne Moore in Bottega Veneta

When it comes to fashion, Julianne Moore can do no wrong.

Julie Garner in Gucci

It’s flashy, but it’s striking. Gucci presented a lot of shiny looks for the stars at the Golden Globes, and because of that stunning décolletage, this is obviously the best one. 

Issa Rae in Pamella Roland

Issa Rae always looks different from everyone…and shall I say…better?? 

Margot Robbie in Armani Prive

Margot Robbie is the ultimate Barbie and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Elizabeth Olsen in Vivienne Westwood

Apparently, Elizabeth Olsen is making a rare red carpet appearance, but she picked a stunning gown to do it in. She wasn’t the only one to pull off the white lace look, but Riley Keough’s Chanel frock looks more like a wedding dress. 

Dua Lipa in Schiaparelli

I personally wasn’t in love with this dress, but everyone was raving about it and it IS a showstopper. 

America Ferrera in Dolce & Gabbana

The So-Sos at the Golden Globes Awards 2024

Here come the so-sos! The dresses that were not bad enough to be on a worst dressed list, but they didn’t blow me away either. Do you agree? 

Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen

So all the fashion mags were raving about this dress. Emily Blunt looks ethereal once again. Emily Blunt can pull anything off – and she can! But I didn’t love the sheerness of the bottom of the gown or the way the embroidery hugs her belly and makes her look like she actually has one! So yeah, not the worst thing I’ve ever seen but certainly not the best.

Florence Pugh in Valentino

So yeah, I don’t hate this dress. I just don’t think Florence Pugh should have worn it. And not with that edgy hairstyle. 

Jennifer Lopez in Nicole + Felicia Couture

So yeah, another dress I don’t hate. I just don’t think it’s J Lo’s best look. 

Brie Larson in Prada

A number of the Prada looks on the red carpet were nice, but not spectacular. I like that actress Brie Larson went with something short and fun – and yes lilac is on trend, according to this awards show’s red carpet – but again, I wasn’t talking about it later. 

Hailee Steinfeld in Prada

Here’s another Prada look that was nice, but wasn’t wow. It gave me Jackie O vibes, but it was too mature for this actress. And the gloves seemed all wrong.

Helen Mirren in Dolce & Gabbana

Another lilac look that didn’t wow me, but it wasn’t terrible either.

Rosamund Pike in Dior

Even without the headpiece, I wouldn’t have loved this Dior look.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

I understand that she’s going for more modest, but ‘ve seen J Law in much better looks than this. 


Say hello to another trend: metallics! 

Lisa Ann Walter in Alin le’ Kal
Kate Beckinsale 
Elizabeth Debicki in Dior
Naomi Watts in Armani Prive 


Rosamund Pike in Dior


The Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes Awards 2024

Fantasia Barrino in Dolce & Gabbana

I wouldn’t even put this in the so-so category. This dress cuts Fantasia in all the wrong ways and I think it makes her bottom half look bigger than it is. 

Billie Eilish

What do you call this look? Harry Potter Gen Z? I just don’t understand. 

Meryl Streep in Valentino

Meryl, you can do better. 

Ali Wong in Dior

Is this literally DIor? It looks like a towel that’s about to fall off?

Selena Gomez in Armani Prive

I am not a fan of this Armani Prive gown on Selena Gomez. I’m not sure why she (or her stylist) chose it. It goes every which way, like it doesn’t know where to stop. I like that she’s taking a risk, but it doesn’t fit her well either. 

Do you have a favorite red carpet look on a celebrity from the Golden Globes Awards 2024 red carpet?

– Simona Shemer 

Photos:, Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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  1. We watched. It is always rather comical what the designers come up with. I prefer sleek lines that reside within a normal range. You can always tell if the DRESS works, when the wearer navigates dress and heels. I often wonder if they practice!!


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