Fashion Through The Ages: Rethinking The Peg Pant

If the term ‘peg pant’ makes you cringe, think again! I was shuffling through the sale racks at Topshop (one of my favorite pastimes) in search of something new and on trend when I came across a pair of belted high waist cropped pants I thought would be flattering. The shape was all too familiar and when I saw the term “Peg Pant” printed right on the label, I gasped out loud!

Isn’t “peg leg” a term we laughed about and thought of as a look that should be completely purged from our wardrobe? Decades ago? But isn’t that the same thing we thought about “mom jeans” and (I know it took us some time) but now we embrace them?

You will see them labeled carrot pants and many other names that conjure up bad memories of the 80s, but from a design standpoint the peg pant may be just the fashion item you need this season.


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A high waist peg pant works well for the female form. It accentuates the waist and skims over the hips and can hide a variety of bumps and bulges. The crop length draws attention to your ankles and shoes offering you the opportunity to put your best foot(wear) forward! Wearing peg pants can get a tiny bit tricky, so here are a few important styling tips.

how to wear peg leg pants

1. Find a pair of peg pants that fit you properly! Make sure they slim the body and especially check the rear view. You don’t want them to creep up and you don’t want them to sag too much either. Sit down in them and make sure you feel comfortable. Today’s fabrics have move give than they did in the 80s so you may be surprised by their comfort.

2. Tops, shirts or blouses can be fitted or loose, but they need to be thin enough to tuck in. I like a looser shirt to accentuate your waist even more and balance off the fuller look at the hip. It is also more comfortable and can hide even more figure flaws if you are over 40.

3. Longer jackets work best. If you choose a crop style jacket you may look like a matador. Besides a longer jacket covers your rear and I think when you are over 40 it is always safer and more appropriate to be more covered up. You will be mysterious, and won’t look like you are trying too hard!

4. Footwear takes center stage with a peg leg so a flattering mid-heel pump or point toe flat are both safe bets. Backless slides work well too. To hide your ankles (like I often do) you may try a slim fitting or stretch ankle bootie. I prefer a pointed or almond toe shoe with peg pants because a round toe flat or chunky boot will bring you right back to that bad 80s look you want to forget.

Go retro (in a good way) and be fashion forward with a pair of peg pants. Try them, you’ll like them!

Shop Crop Peg Pants

Pictured Above:

Topshop Belted Peg Trousers, $75

3.1 Phillip Lim Belted Pants, $550

Asos Sisley Tapered Pant, $98

3.1 Phillip Lim Plaid Side-tie Pant, $495

See By Chloé Striped Crop Trousers, $335

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