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Fashion Through The Ages

Fashion Through The Ages: From Chokers to Choker Tops

Just recently I was inspecting my aging neck in the mirror and thought, “If only I could wear a scarf to hide my neck, but it’s the middle of summer.” Then it hit me! I can cover my neck because a recent trend came to mind! The choker top or blouse is everywhere this summer.

Fashion Through The Ages: Add 30s Style To Your Look Today

I have been noticing and admiring many of the season’s midi-legnth bias cut dresses and skirts and was reminded of some pieces I wore in the 90s. One plus to growing older is going through a second or maybe even a third recycle of a trend. But what era did this style really originate? I did a little research to see if it was the 20s, 30s or 40s but most of what I am seeing (and liking) is inspired by the 30s

Fashion Through The Ages: A Return To The 80s Soft Trench

We saw them all over the runway for spring 2016: soft, flowey, and slightly oversized belted overcoats reminiscent of the 80s. Do you remember these robe-like, slouchy midi coats? I immediately thought of Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting or the oversized jackets on Miami Vice. The best part about these slouchy coats is that they hide what you are wearing underneath and give you a professional look in a flash.