Fashion Through The Ages: Witchy Poo Shoes Are Back!

I’ve been watching and waiting. Now it is finally back! The elongated pointed toe footwear trend I invested in and sported heavily about 17 to 20 years ago is back in style again. Right on the money with the fashion cycle time frame this trend was bound to return and Balenciaga was one of the first to do so.

I’ve held onto my many boots, booties, mules and heels from this era (around the year 2000) and through the years kept checking them to see if I could wear them. But when I lifted open one of the box lids (I keep all my shoes in their original boxes), and sighted the long dagger pointed toe (always much longer of a dagger pointed toe than I recalled) I sadly sighed, realized I would look ridiculous if I wore them, closed the lid and put them back in storage.

elongated pointed toe footwear trend
My archival boots circa 2000
elongated pointed toe footwear trend Balenciaga Spring 17
Balenciaga Spring ’17 RTW

That was until recently! In 2016 I noticed the Balenciaga Spring 17 bold colored over the knee spandex boots in wildly bright colors like yellow and purple with the same silhouette and thought, “OK younger women will think these are something new and cool and this is a little hiccup on the old trend.” But I was wrong. Other footwear designers are now including the elongated toe in their collections (and in mainstream colors like black and grey) and now you can get them at every price point.


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The other great news is, similar to 17 years ago, the designers are doing low and kitten heel varieties of this style which are perfect for women over 40. There are stretchy sock style boots and booties in satins, leathers and velvets as well as elongated toe pumps.

Why do you need this style? As hems on both pants and skirts get longer and wider, the elongated pointed toe balances the proportions of the new silhouettes much better than a round or short pointed shoe.

So check out your storage if you are a fashion hoarder like me, or find a fresh new pair of sharp toe shoes that are just right for you this season.

Shop the elongated pointed toe footwear trend

Pictured at the top:

Topshop Crawler Over The Knee Boots, $150

Jeffrey Campbell Ikon Pump, $144.95

Loeffler Randall Kassidy Sock Booties, $395

Topshop Mojito Sock Boots, $95

Jeffrey Campbell Tigrina O Ring Pointed Toe Booties, $190

Balenciaga Runway Boots:

Balenciaga Stretch-jersey Thigh Boots, $1,295

Balenciaga Spandex Sock Boots, $925

Balenciaga Leather Boots, $1,195


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Runway Photo: WWD

Photo and Image Layouts: Fountain Of 30

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