Fashion Through The Ages: From Chokers to Choker Tops

Just recently I was inspecting my aging neck in the mirror and thought, “If only I could wear a scarf to hide my neck, but it’s the middle of summer.” Then it hit me! I can cover my neck because a recent trend came to mind! The choker top or blouse is everywhere this summer and I can wear one to solve my dilemma.

What Is A choker top?

The choker top is a combination of a top with a choker collar or thin scarf attached. How ingenious! And what a perfect solution for women who like the choker look, but don’t want a pieces of uncomfortable jewelry strangling their necks! It can be compared to the jumpsuit, it’s one easy piece!

History of the choker

You can go way back in fashion history from Ancient Egypt and you will find choker necklaces. Women wore chokers and other jewelry around their necks to protect them. They also believed the chokers gave them power. Perhaps it was in the power of looking younger with their necks covered! The choker was popularized around the 1900s by Alexandra of Denmark (as royals often do dictate trends). It was rumored she wore choker necklaces to hide a small scar on her neck. Choker necklaces were worn in the 20s, 30s and 40s, often by the elite since they had to be custom made to fit perfectly.


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In the 50s, scarves were tied choker style around the neck, like Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday.” I recall wearing them in a similar way on the 70s under a pointy collar shirt. Today we have a combination of the influence of a choker and a neck scarf in the choker top.

HOW To Shop For choker tops

You’ll find these choker tops in a variety of fabrics from stretchy jersey to soft silks and woven cotton. But buyer beware! This look can be on the edge of looking tacky (like the cold shoulder tops we at Fountain of 30 despise), so I choose a few tops for you so your look will be perfectly chic! All with the added bonus of covering up just enough of what you might not like about your neck.

Pictured Above (from left to right):

A.L.C. Liza Choker Silk Top, Pink, $355

Alexandra of Denmark: Photograph by Alexander Bassano, 1881, Wikipedia

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, 1953

Cinq à Sept Envie Choker Top, Now $155.25

Misguided Choker Tee, $33

Michelle Mason Choker Blouse, now $170

Milly Italian Cady Andrea Choker Top, $355

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