Trend To Try: Velvet Sandals

In a million years I NEVER would have thought velvet would ever be appropriate for summer. But let’s face it, there are no longer any steadfast rules to fashion. We see booties for summer, white jeans after Labor Day, patent leather bags in December and now you can add velvet sandals to this summer’s must-have trends.

I really didn’t even notice this trend until Carol pointed it out to me and at first I have to admit I was skeptical, but as many trends do, this one has grown on me. Then I began to notice velvet sandals everywhere and now I’m smitten. Velvet sandals for summer run the gamut from, slides, to stilettos to lace-ups to mules. Some velvet sandals even have embellishments like pearls and appliques.


Before you run to your closet and grab your velvet pumps STOP! The operative word in this trend is “sandal” so make sure some skin on your foot is showing. It could be your toes or your heel, but something needs to be open. The key is to take this normally heavy looking material and make it look almost lighter than air for summer. You wouldn’t wear a wool coat in the summer would you? Well the same goes for velvet footwear. If it’s not a sandal or slide, keep it in your closet until fall.

Wear a velvet slides with skirts or shorts and wear the stiletto version with breezy summer dresses. If a mule is more your speed they look amazing with cropped jeans. Just step out of your comfort zone and at least give this one a shot. You don’t have to spend a fortune either and unless you are sure you are going to love this trend I strongly suggest you don’t.



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