The Top Fall 2023 Nail Trends To Try Right Now

As I look down at my white nails and the temps outside are still blazing hot, it’s hard to even think about fall nails, but alas, fall is just around the corner. Yet, once fall officially arrives I am all in on the fall trends and that includes beauty trends. So it’s no surprise that earthy hues inspired by the change in the weather dominate autumn beauty mood boards. This also pertains to fall 2023 nail colors which expectedly are relying heavily on these autumn hues, but also include some surprising vibrant colors to keep things lively.

Fall 2023 Nail Trends

The good news is that Fall 2023 nail trends are focusing on more classic shapes and colors like “squoval red nails.” Oh and if “less is more” is your style, you will be happy to learn that the barely-there mani is on point.

Fall 2023 Nail Shapes

Let’s begin with nail lengths and shapes. After a few seasons of scary long dagger razor sharp nails, shorter nails are making a welcome comeback. If you are into nail art don’t fret because it looks just as good on shorter nails. And let’s be honest, shorter nails are cleaner, more practical and lower-maintenance.


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squoval nail shape fall 2023 trend fountainof30


This half square, half oval shape became popular in the early aughts and is back on trend again. The squoval nail shape is now a classic.

coffin or ballerina nail shape fountainof30

Ballerina or Coffin Nails

This is a newer shape and looks best with a modern French manicure. The best way to describe this shape is “coffin-like” or like the toes of ballet pointe shoes. If you are at a nail salon as for ask for a coffin-shaped nail with round edges, and a pink french tip with a sheer pink base which is totally on trend.

almond shaped nails fall 2023 fountainof30

Almond Nails

This is my personal favorite and the one I have been sporting the last couple of years. Almond nails have a tapered point which looks like an almond shape. Although I like mine a little pointy which make your fingers look more slender as the point creates the illusion of length. And you can choose any length you like, because almond shaped nails look great long or really short.

Fall/Winter 2023 Nail Color Trends

candy apple red nails fountainof30

Candy Apple Red

Candy Girl…I know red nails are hardly new, but for fall/winter 2023 it’s a must-have nail color. Candy apple red is a welcome pop of color and works well on any nail length or shape. If glossy apple red isn’t your favorite shade of red, don’t worry, pick any you love and wear it proudly and boldly.

Here are some cherry red nail colors to try:

OPI Big Apple Red, $11.49

Essie Not Red-y For Bed, $10

Gucci Goldie Red, $33

Emilie Heathe The Perfect Red, $30

Sally Hansen Pure in Red, $7.49

LONDONTOWN in Poppy Red, $20

red wine nail color fountainof30

Red Red Wine

If bright red isn’t your bag you can always go with red wine shades which are on trend as well this season. Look for wearable goth-like shades like Bordeaux or burgundy that are so deep they are almost black. Similar to red, wine-colored polishes are a go-to for instantly chic nails.

Here are some red wine nail colors to try:

Fortify & Protect LED Gel Nail Polish in Film Reel Red, $10.99

Beetles Gel Nail Polish in Vanessa Wine, $7.99

Essie Bordeaux, $8.95

OPI Malaga Wine, $11.49

Christian Louboutin Lalaque Le Vernis Brillant, $42

Sally Hansen Wine Not, $9.59

fall nail trend burnt orange fountainof30

Burnt Orange

I realize orange is typically a color for spring and summer, but burnt orange is on trend for fall. Yes, pumpkin hues are typical this time of year, but think burnished orange more than poppy or pumpkin.

Here are some burnt orange nail colors to try:

Essie Let It Slide, $8.85

ILNP Pumpkin Patch, $10

Hermès Les Mains Nail Enamel in Orange Brule, $55

duri Nail Polish in Uninhibited, $9.99

Emilie Heathe in Public, $30

Zoya in Amy, $10

mauve nail trend fall 2023 fouintainof30

Mauve Pink

Mauvy pinks started making an appearance last winter and are thankfully back on trend this year because it’s one of my personal favorites. It lives somewhere between neutral and bold, but is yet a girly pink. And the color compliments most of the fall’s color palette.

Here are some mauve nail colors to try:

essie expressie in Get A Mauve On, $9.99

OPI Incognito Mode, $11.47

LONDONTOWN in Save The Queen, $15.20

OPI Knowledge is Flower, $12.49

Sally Hansen Pure in Frosted Amethyst, $9.99

OPI You Sustain Me, $13.99

chocolate brown nail color trenf fall 2023 fountainof30

Mushroom or Hot Chocolate Brown

I’m not typically a fan of brown but I have vivid memories of my mother rocking this nail color in the 80’s. If brown falls flat for you try a fun topcoat (like chrome or matte) to make it feel more modern. Or try any shade on the earthy brown spectrum like beigey brown to dark soil brown.

Here are some brown nail colors to try:

OPI Brown To Earth, $9.69

Wet n Wild Fast Dry AF in Get Stoned, $4.58

Pacifica in Ojai, $10

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Been There, Dune That, $9.29

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish in Farida, $50

Essie Lights Down Music Up, $9.99

grass green nail trend fall fountainof30

Grass Green

Bright grass green was on trend this past summer and it is carrying into the fall. So what is grass green? Think everything from bright and bold to muted and mossy. Any shade you would find in grass works.

Here are some grass green colors to try:

OPI Suzi – The First Lady of Nails, $11.49

Essie Meet Me At Midnight, $10

Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Polish in Smoky Matcha, $12.99

Sally Hansen Petal Dance, $6.99

Gucci Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish in 712 Melinda Green, $33 in Olive Green, $12

forest green nail trend fall 2023 fountainof30

Forest Green

Like grass green, forest green evokes the nature of the season. Try forest green instead of black or Lincoln Park After Dark for a more updated variation of these deep colors. In both cases of green, glossy is better than matte.

Here are some forest green colors to try:

Hermès Les Mains Nail Enamel in Vert Ecossais, $55

Mineral Fusion Nail Polishi in Smoke & Mirrors, $8.90

Essie Midnight Mirage, $9.99

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Big Apple-Tini, $3.59

Essie Gel Couture In-vest In Style, $12.99

MAYCHAO Gel Nail Polish in Forest Green, $6.99

naked nails fall 2023 trend fountainof30

Naked Nails

Just like ‘quiet luxury’ is a hot fashion trend, quite nails or naked nails are on trend too. They are not completely nude either. Look for creamy colors with a fun top coat like high-shine or shimmer. Also naked nails look better on shorter nails so that’s a win.

Here are some naked colors to try:

OPI Bare My Soul, $13.99

Essie Topless & Barefoot, $10

Debroah Lippmann in Naked/Sheer, $20

ILNP Rumor Has It, $10

OPI Bubble Bath, $11.49

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in Livin’ La Vida Yoga, $22

Fall 2023 Nail Trends: Accents and Embellishments

gothcore black nail gloss tips fountainof30
Cosmopolitan photo


If you watched Wednesday you will get this trend instantly. It was shown on the Dior and Proenza Schouler runways. Basically it’s black nails, but not just simple black. Think matte black with shiny black tips (like a French mani) or black nails with studs.

gold rock studded nails fountainof30
Allure photo


Speaking of studs, they are coming to nails near you this fall. Think “Valentino Rock Studs” but on your nails. If adding stud accents to your actual nails is too much commitment, try press-on nails.

Lip Gloss Nail Glass trend fountainof30
Instagram @tombachik

Lip Gloss Nail Glass

If you think last year’s “glazed donut” trend was huge fasten your seatbelt for lip gloss nails. Essentially it’s “bare” nails that look like they just have a coat of high gloss on them. To get this trend right it’s imperative that you find a nude nail color that matches your skintone. So it’s like a natural lip with lip gloss.

chrome aura nail trend fall 2023
Instagram @pop_polished

Chrome Aura

Yes, you will see chrome nails everywhere but instead of just metallic polish these meld various colors in a twist on nail art to achieve the look. It almost resembles tye-die or swirls of colors that diffuse outwards starting from the middle if that makes sense.

micro french nail trend fall
Instagram @hollyfalconenails


I alluded to this trend last season and it’s back again for fall. It’s a French mani but the line up top is ultra-thin. It looks best if your nails are squoval or square-shapped, shorter and the base coat is opaque. The good news is you can use whatever two colors you like!

velvet nail trend fall 2023
Allure Photo


Yes, nails are going to look a little fuzzy this year…or at least velvety. Get the look with nail art flocking here.

hearts on nails trend for fall 2023
Instagram @nailartbyqueenie

Hearts, Bubbles and Flowers

If you are looking for nail art, charms or decals go with these shapes. If pink hearts aren’t your thing, try black hearts. Just do you.

Do you have a favorite nail trend for fall 2023?

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Sources: Nylon, Cosmopolitan, The Zoe Report

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