Celebrity Style: Four Fashion Items NOT On My List For Fall

Fall is upon us and that means fun jackets, fierce frocks, and fabulous cardigans. For celebs, it means transitional pieces, switching to boots, leather, scarves, and super sweaters. What doesn’t it mean? Well, check out the list below! Here are four fashion items you don’t want to see this fall.

Celebs Wearing Chokers 
The 90s are making a comeback? Actually, yes! Now, our very own Lauren Dimet Waters recently wrote how choked up she was over chokers this fall. Can we just agree to disagree? Now, granted, chokers are nice in theory. And I agree with Lauren when she says they are “an easy way to update an otherwise boring outfit.” But there are two reasons I would argue against them. The first reason is that it depends what kind of choker you wear and how you style it with your outfit. I’ve seen too many thirty-somethings (Kim Kardashian, I’m looking at you) style their choker in the wrong way and with the wrong outfit. Like when there’s a thick choker when there should be a thin one. Or it takes away from the entire outfit. The second reason that chokers to me were always for the teen and twenty-something set (Lauren will probably disagree with me here) so when I think of a 90s choker, I think of something Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner would wear. Someone like 25-year old Emily Ratajkowski’s neck is too petite for this very large choker.
Celebs Wearing Feathers 
Aren’t we over the feathers trend already? Isn’t it so 2015? Why do I still see celebs like Rita Ora wearing them? Feather earrings, feather hair extensions, feather crop tops? No, no, and no. How much bird fashion do we need to “ruffle” through? (Pun totally intended.) Ostrich feathers are especially popular among designers, but take it from me, this trend has run its course. How much more can we see? Perhaps it is a great way to add texture – but I’m done. For me, feathers were always a way that celebs could show off their over-the-top style and their money (like a peacock), but enough is enough.
Celebs Wearing Bermuda Shorts 
Ew, just ew. I don’t think anyone should be rocking Bermuda shorts, let alone someone with as round of a rear as Kim Kardashian. Who told her this look was in? I mean, I guess some people say this look is unique and attention-grabbing, but I think it’s just ugly and weird. Wait a minute – isn’t that what high fashion is all about these days? Well, it shouldn’t be! The other problem with these shorts is that they really only look good on long legs – I wouldn’t think women with a bit of meat or muscle would look right in them. And wearing them to work – fuggedaboutit! I just don’t agree with the women that say you can dress up a look with fancy Bermuda shorts and a blazer. Capris are a much better option than these strange shorts.
Celebs Wearing Baby Doll Dresses
Looks like the 90s are making a comeback in more ways than one. There is an obvious reason why this shouldn’t be on your list for Fall. Thirty-somethings should not wear baby doll dresses like Alexa Chung. Sure that might sound like I’m coming on a little bit too strong. As forgiving as baby doll dresses are for women who have a bit of a pooch, they also make those women look like they long for their high school which is a little pathetic. And if you have a large chest they will make you look even larger. In other words, baby doll dresses are not age-appropriate in the slightest, especially when worn short, embellished, or hot pink.
– Simona Shemer
Photos: Emily Ratajowski, Instyle.comRita Ora, Kim Kardashian and Alexa Chung, People.com
Image Layout: Fountain Of 30
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