Best Anti-Aging Hair Tips From The Pros at Sassoon

On my recent visit to Sasooon Salon Chicago, I was determined to find out the best anti-aging hair tips for women over 40. I met with Ronnie Williams, Sassoon Assistant Color Director and was prepared to jot down a list of tips specific to blonds, brunettes, redheads and women with grey hair, but she said the same set of tips would not apply to everyone in those groups. Ronnie explained she really cannot make generalizations about hair color and would need to consult with each client. “For example,” Ronnie said, “a client may bring in a photo of Kim Kardashian to show me what she would like for her hair color, but I would have to tell her if it would actually work for her hair and skin tone or not.”

Best Anti-Aging Hair Tips From The Pros

Best Anti-Aging Hair Color and Styling Tips
Ronnie Williams, Sassoon Assistant Color Director and Josie Bury, Sassoon Stylist

Best Anti-Aging Hair Color Tips

Tip #1: Book a salon consultation! Sassoon offers complimentary consultations for all their services, so this is the best first step. Once you have decided on the cut and style, Ronnie can assess the color. She will work with the texture of your hair, the amount of grey you may need to cover, and discuss if highlights or overall color are best for what you want to achieve.

Tip #2: You can try different colors and shades. Ronnie told me she can achieve a lot of her client’s wishes, and change their color to lighter or darker, or warmer or cooler shades and if it will look good on them or not. If you hair is grey she said most of the time women stay close to their natural color range. As we age, it is best to go a little lighter so the color is less harsh against our skin. Keep in mind, Ronnie is an artist and she will mix the right shade, just for you! She is also an expert at Bayalage, where highlights are hand painted on, which may be an option for you.


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Tip #3: Determine what kind of color is best for you. Ronnie explained if less than 50% of your hair is grey, she usually uses a semi-permanent color. If more than 50% of your hair is grey, a permanent color is best to cover grey. Again this is not an exact science. She pointed out how I have less than 50% grey but because she highlights and low-lights my hair, she does use some permanent color on the low lights. If you have allover grey or white hair, you may need to tone down the yellow with a toner or color glaze.

Tip #4: Keep you color looking its best. Get a hair treatment like Kerastase Fusio Dose after your hair color for overall shine and to seal in the moisture. Remember grey roots are very aging so don’t forget to go to the salon for color. For highlights you should revisit the salon approximately every 3 months, and for all over color go back in 6-8 weeks. You can also make an appointment in between for a root touch-up.

Best Anti-Aging Hair Color Tips Sassoon salom lets color book

Best Anti-Aging Hair Styling Tips

After my hair color with Ronnie, I met with stylist Josie Bury for a cut and style. Josie had some excellent anti-aging styling tips.

Tip #1: To make hair look fuller if it is thinning, Josie recommends styles with minimal layers. If hair lacks volume, she uses a graduation technique where hair stacks up on itself and looks fuller. Hair styles that are shoulder length or above create more volume as well.

Tip #2:  Take care of your hair. Besides good health and nutrition, Jose thinks it is best to invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner. These shampoos are made for your specific hair needs. She recommends Kerastase (I have always loved it, too) and now Sassoon carries Oribe, which Josie said is amazing (Lauren concurs). “These shampoos and conditioners may seem expensive but they are formulated for your hair type and are more concentrated. It will last longer so it is worth the $40 you may spend.”

Tip #3: Deep condition your hair. Grey hair has a coarser texture, or a texture all its own, so you need a leave in conditioner. Josie thinks it is best to get a deep conditioning treatment while you are at the salon, because you probably won’t do it at home. I agree she is right!

Tip #3: Use styling products to enhance your style. You will look younger (these are my words) if you take a little extra time with to make your hair look its best. Josie styled my hair with Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Creme, Oribe Maximisat Thickening Spray and used Kerastase Serum Therapiste to repair and renew my hair.

Carol Calacci Sasoon Salon hair front and back fountainof30
My Sasson Salon hair color, cut and style.

I was amazed at what I learned from the professionals at Sassoon Salon Chicago.

Ronnie Williams Carol Calacci Josie Bury Sassoon
Ronnie Williams, me and and Josie Bury at Sassoon Salon Chicago

Call for a complimentary consultation from Ronnie and Josie for personalized anti-aging hair color and style advice.  Sassoon Chicago, 181 N Clark Street in Chicago. Call 312-751-2216 for an appointment.

Learn more about the latest news at! Or visit a salon near you.

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Anti-Aging Hair Tips From The Pros at Sassoon Salon fountainof30

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