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I visited Sassoon Salon Chicago recently for a much needed color and cut! My high-low highlights had grown out and I could see grey hair coming in at my roots. I was way past due. I met up with Ronnie Williams, Sassoon Salon Assistant Color Director and Krissy Wood, Assistant Creative Director. They are both educators at the Sassoon Academy Chicago located inside the salon. So not only did I received an expert color, cut and style, but I had the opportunity to get professional advice and found out what’s new at Sassoon Salon.

Sassoon Salon Chicago

First, Ronnie assessed my hair for color along with Krissy who recommended a style. Krissy thought we could keep my hair long but bring it up a few inches to give it more volume.

My color treatment came first, and Ronnie knew just what was needed to both cover my gray and give my hair some brightness for the summer months ahead. She told me that they use Wella color, and always have, but it has been reformulated recently. Leave it to Sassoon Salons to always be up on the latest! She took a look at my hair and skin tone, and just like an artist she proceeded to mix up the perfect shades for me.


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Sassoon Salon Chicago ronnie williams mixing color

Hair Color for Women Over 40

I asked Ronnie what she suggests in general, when it comes to hair color for women over 40. “Nothing too dark or too severe. Softer color, and if it’s a darker shade, I recommend adding soft highlights.” Although we used lowlights and highlights for my hair, Ronnie is also an expert at Bayalage. This is the technique where highlights are painted onto the hair in a free hand style. (I told you she she is an artist!) Bayalage works well to highlight one overall color.

Sassoon 65.1 Salon SS19 Collection

Ronnie also told me about the latest Sassoon Collection for Spring/Summer 2019 called 65.1 Salon Collection which celebrates Sassoon’s 65th anniversary. It’s hard to believe Sassoon had been around for so many years.

Sassoon Salon 65.1 Salon SS19 Collection

This collection showcases the iconic shapes of the late sixties and early seventies, where the looks went from geometric styles into longer, flowing looks such as the iconic layered looks (shags) of the early seventies. The Sassoon creative team incorporated intricate sectioning patterns and reverse layering, an innovation that gives hair gentle texture and movement. The beauty of these cuts is they can be styled structured and controlled or with curls and waves.

After they washed out the color I was given a Kerastace Conditioning mask from the Discipline Line. This treatment adds moisture and keeps the hair shaft smooth so I will have an easier time styling at home.

Hair Styles for Women Over 40

Then I went was back to Krissy for my cut and style. Besides styling hair, Krissy also teaches at the Sassoon Academy and explained a lot to me about styling, cutting and the products she used on my hair.

I asked her what hair styles are best for women over 40. “I don’t think it is about age, but it’s about suitability. This includes your face shape, bone structure, what you do for a living and your personality.” Krissy worked at Sassoon New York, including backstage at New York Fashion Week, then she was on to the salon in San Francisco and now she is here in Chicago. She told me how many older women in New York wore structured styles with fringe bangs and it worked for them because it suited their lifestyles. So your hairstyle, at any age, is what best suits you. For my hair, she kept it mostly one length with a side sweep. I wanted to keep it long enough to tie back in a pony tail.

Krissy told me she uses a lot of techniques from the latest SS2019 collection on her clients. She said she has been using the reverse layering technique quite a lot to create texture and movement.

hair products to thicken hair sassoon salon fountainof30
R+Co Sandcastle Dry Texture Creme, Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray and R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam

Next it was time to style my hair. Krissy said she uses at least 2 products. The salon is always incorporating new brands and recently they offer Oribe, R+Co and Bumble and Bumble. For my hair the goal was to create more volume and she said it’s very important to heat protect your hair. First she used R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam, and then Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray to heat protect it.

Then Krissy distributed R+Co Sandcastle Dry Texture Creme by rubbing it first into her hands and then on my hair. She let me feel the texture of this product and it is unusual, slightly gritty dry creme. I could tell it would add volume to my hair. It turned out to be the perfect finishing touch!

Hairstyling tips Sassoon Salon professionals withg Carol Calacci fountainof30
I’m happy with my new color and cut from Ronnie Williams (left) and Krissy Wood (right).

Meet the experts Ronnie Williams and Krissy Wood at Sassoon Chicago, 181 N Clark Street in Chicago. Call 312-751-2216 for an appointment. Learn more about the latest news at! Visit a salon near you this summer.

Carol Calacci

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