New York Fashion Week Spring ’14: threeASFOUR’s Sacred Geometry Creates A New Living Form

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The threeASFOUR Spring Summer 2014 Collection presentation at the Jewish Museum in New York was (as I expected) truly a work of art. However, I did not expect the pieces to be so intricate, so perfectly fitted, so incredibly gorgeous, so cool, and also so amazingly wearable. Art students take note: threeASFOUR proves you can create sculptural fashion pieces that are functional.
threeASFOUR drew inspiration from tiling patterns found across religious structures all over the world. The black and white palette draws focus to the sacred geometry adorning the overlaid textiles. Using modern technologies such as 3D printing and laser-cutting, threeASFOUR translated ancient symbolism to a new living form, which was quite ethereal. The three designers were born into different cultures: Gabriel Asfour is from Lebanon, Adi Gil from Israel and Angela Donhauser from Tajikistan. Their designs promote their timeless message of cross-cultural unity.
Nine of the dresses are featured in threeASFOUR MER KA BA, now running at The Jewish Museum through February 2, 2014.

Spring 14 threeASFOUR Gabriel Asfour Backstage
Gabriel Asfour Backstage at threeASFOUR SS ’14 Collections at The Jewish Museum

Just as perfect as the fashion was the hair and beauty for this presentation.

Michael Forrey Sasoon threeASFOUR_SS14
Sassoon Creative Director Michael Forrey backstage at threeASFOUR SS’14

Sassoon NYC Creative Director, Michael Forrey used ginger colored human hair wigs, cut in a very quintessential Sassoon asymmetrical bob. Just because these were wigs, they were not simply popped on the models heads. Michael painstakingly trimmed each wig on each model and styled them with Davines products to give them a high gloss look. He told me he met with the designers and choose red for the hair color to contrast the monochrome black and white fashions, and the asymmetrical styling juxtaposed the symmetrical design of their pieces. The bold hairstyle with its uniformity among the models, completely complimented the threeASFOUR looks.


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MAC Beauty for threeASFOUR SS ’14 look by Francelle Daly

Makeup Artist Francelle Daly for MAC choose a very light and neutral pallet giving the models a fresh look. She showed me how she changed the colors slightly, from using a chalk white to a cream-color eye pencil, based on the skin tone of each model. A lot of work and detail went into a clean and uniform look.
I’m often overwhelmed by the amount of effort that goes into each fashion presentation, and it only lasts a few minutes. Photos will record the moment in history to allow us to take a closer look, and review the looks again and again. Yet, it is really best to be there, and when you see a show such as threeASFOUR, when it all comes together it is well worth everyone’s creative efforts.

– Carol Calacci

Runway photos: Da Ping Luo and the Jewish Museum
Backstage photos: Second City Style


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