My 12 Favorite Luxury (and mostly green) Beauty Products

I have gone clean, green or organic in most areas of my life over the past year. It started with beauty when I learned last fall I had developed skin allergies to many of the ingredients found in skincare, beauty and makeup products. Now these changes have extended to my nutrition. But luxury beauty products are my guilty pleasure. I made this list of the best luxury green beauty products I have found.

Best Luxury Green Beauty Products

When it comes to skincare I have to be very careful to read the ingredients and I now know what things irritate my skin, but some of those things can be found in nature too so I have to be extra careful. However, I have found if I stick to organic, sensitive skin and hypo-allergenic lines I am pretty much in the clear. I am fortunate I get to try many different brands at every possible price point. I have been focusing a lot on drugstore beauty lately because who doesn’t want to save a buck or two? And while I have been able to find so many great products at lower price points, sometimes you just can’t cut corners.

Green Beauty Products

One site I find myself turning to because they have such an amazing selection of clean, organic and vegan skincare is Space NK. They are not paying me to say this so this is my honest, unbiased opinion. Yes, you can find many of the same lines at Sephora and Nordstrom, but this is the one site where you can find them all, and they carry many lines the other two sites/stores don’t. You can also search Space NK’s site for products based on your specific needs like vegan, anti-aging and redness.


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12 Favorite Luxury Beauty Picks of the Moment 

So here are some of my favorite luxury skincare picks of the moment and most can be found at Space NK. A few you will have to shop at the brand’s site. Here is my list of 12 of the best luxury green beauty products.

1. EVE LOM Cleanser 6.75fl. oz – Includes 2 Muslin Cloths, $135 (you can get smaller sizes too)

How I lived before this cleanser I will never know. It has been life-changing. It’s formulated with aromatic plant oils to decongest and gently exfoliate your skin. It melts away makeup (even eye makeup) and grime as it exfoliates, brightens and tones. The included cotton muslin wash cloths encourages skin cells to regenerate swiftly, so your skin is prepped and ready for your serum, mask and moisturizer. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially aging skin.

2. Alastin Skincare HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36, $55

I’m always asked what facial SPF to use and right now this one is my favorite! As you know I NEVER leave the house without sunscreen. Ever. HydraTint is a lightweight, all physical (less irritating, broad spectrum sunscreen that provides daily protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays. The formulation is rich in antioxidants so it shields against pollution induced damage, has a universally flattering hint of color and ingredients that improve your skin’s hydration.

3. DR BARBARA STURM Face Mask, $160

This intensive face mask is ideal for those who need extra moisture, hydration and smoothness. This luxury green beauty product contains extracts of Aloe Vera and Chamomile for intensive moisture and to calm the skin. Purslane, the key active ingredient used in this range by Dr. Sturm, activates the skin’s own anti-oxidant system and protects sensitive cell membranes against free radical attacks. This mask will change your life. OK, at least your skin.

4. NATURA BISSÉ Diamond Instant Glow, $90

This is an amazing lift trifecta! It’s actually an Express Mini-Lift you can do in in 3 easy steps (exfoliates, brightens and lifts) at home that will that transform your skin in 10 minutes! Diamond Instant Glow includes three different ampoules that fight the signs of fatigue, the appearance of dull and saggy skin and basically erase 10 years fast!  It’s Ideal for all skin types and ages and can be used at any time. Brilliant.

5. TULA Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel, $34

Actually this isn’t a bad price for such an amazing product! This 100% alcohol-free gel optimizes the balance of the skin’s surface microflora to restore the skin to its ideal pH after cleansing. Tula’s proprietary Pro-Glycolic blend leverages the probiotic strain lactobacillus to strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier. It gently exfoliates dull, lackluster skin and targets pore-clogging dirt to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. Hyaluronic acid leaves your skin visibly plump and hydrated. It’s also formulated without animal testing, mineral oil, petrolium, phthalates, parabens, gluten, propylene glycol and fragrance. I love this stuff and I was never a Glycolic fan before because I found it too harsh on my sensitive skin. Not this one.

6. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, $53

I’m always looking for funky hair products. This one fits the bill! It’s a detoxifying shampoo enriched with sea salt to deeply cleanse and soothe sensitive and/or oily scalps while delivering essential hydration to the scalp. It soothes the scalp, removes product and oil buildup, relieves itchiness and can also be used as a post-coloring treatment to relieve itchiness and remove chemical residues left on the scalp. It’s ideal for straight, wavy, curly and tightly coiled hair and contains no icky and harmful chemicals.

7. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Bronzer, $50

I adore so many of the products in the HOURGLASS line, but this is one of my faves. Ambient Lighting Bronzer fuses the illuminating effects of their iconic Ambient Lighting Powder with a bronzer to add depth and dimension for a natural, sun-kissed glow. Traditional bronzer tends to be flat, but this one uses Photoluminescent Technology for seamless blending and color transitions. It comes in a few variants so you can easily find one that works for your skintone.

8. Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion, $42

It’s summer. Who doesn’t want beach waves in their every single day? This medium-hold lotion gives you salt-spray waves without the dryness salt water would! Its light lotion formula distributes easily throughout your hair while offering UV protection. It’s safe for hair that’s been color and keratin-treated – even really thin hair!

9. VOTRE VU Les Sorbet Frozen Sérum for the Face, $78

This is the coolest (pun intended) anti-aging serum ever! Les Sorbet is a French wonder sérum for any area of the face and neck that needs a lift. It’s perfect for hot summer days because you store it in the freezer. It’s like a frozen pop-up ice stick that’s richly activated with 40% anti-aging marine superstars including elastin and collagen and is blended with muscle relaxing vegetable peptides. It feels great, smells even better and works extremely well.

10. UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser, $65

I love anything rose. This gentle and exfoliating cleanser penetrates deep into the skin for a thorough cleanse that brightens dull skin with every use. Powdered rose works to rapidly reduce redness and provides the skin with deep hydration, while calendula acts against inflammation. Soothing chamomile purifies the skin with its antibacterial properties, removing toxins and cleaning out the sebaceous glands. Oats and walnuts provide the perfect amount of exfoliation for a clear and smooth glow, while bentonite clay offers a rich boost of minerals. It’s formulated without animal products, artificial ingredients, parabens, petrochemicals, silicons and sulfates. I use it as my facial scrub since it’s so mild.

 best luxury green beauty products Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum

11. Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum, $235

Tata Harper was the first luxury beauty line I used after I learned about my allergies. I love it. This brightening serum is one of my faves in the line. This complete age-defying treatment helps correct and tone while minimizing the appearance of dark spots. It also has a heavenly fragrance.

best luxury green beauty products Kat Burki Face Cream

12. Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream, $110

I am absolutely nuts about this lightweight face cream. Its one of the best luxury green beauty products I found. It glides onto skin and provides deep nourishment to help support collagen production while brightening, smoothing and firming the skin. Strengthened with 15% Vitamin C, it calms and heals while delivering powerful benefits and protecting against free radical damage. It’s also boosted by skin strengthening and anti-aging wild Reishi mushrooms and an Ocean Mineral Complex. I use it at night and can feel my skin actually lifting and tightening like magic!

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