Worst Dressed Celebrities In New York, Paris, and LA

Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Michelle Williams, and Marion Cotillard are all considered style stars. But even the biggest fashionistas have their low moments. Just take a look at the fashion they’ve shown us, as of late, much of which was showcased in some of the fashion capitals of the world – New York and Paris. Hint: Sadly, it’s not at all what you’d expect.

The worst dressed celebrities in New York, Paris and LA.

worst dressed celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker red puffy gown

Sarah Jessica Parker – in Giles Deacon Couture

Ever since she’s starred as the main character in Sex and The City, Sarah Jessica Parker has felt she had something to prove in the fashion department. Like Carrie Bardshaw, while risk-taking and fashion forward, sometimes she tries too hard, in my opinion. Think over-the-top print dresses and bold feather fascinators at the Met Gala. I guess this Giles Deacon number worn to the New York Ballet Fall Fashion Gala is one of those, then, though I’ve never really seen SJP wear this color (or those ugly puff sleeves) and the fabric is not becoming on her. In fact she looks likes she’s being swallowed buy it.


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worst dressed celebrities Keira Knightley quiltes silver dress

Keira Knightley – in Chanel Haute Couture

Unfortunately, Chanel has become more and more matronly every season. I know Keira Knightley is a huge fan of the label, but this Chanel Spring 2017 haute couture look with its quilted skirt layered on a dress is strange and does nothing for the often style-savvy fashionista’s figure. But is it Keira or is it the design itself?

worst dressed celebrities Michelle Williams shorts

Michelle Williams – in Louis Vuitton

As boyish as it could potentially look, I’m a big fan of Michelle Williams short hairdo especially when she pairs it with a pretty, feminine dress or an edgy frock. I’m not, however, a fan of this ugly boy scout look. I suppose I can understand what she was “trying” to go for, but she looks too much like a lonely yodeler from the Sound of Music, or worse, one of the Von Trapp boys! Perhaps I might have liked the tied high neck top IF it didn’t look so cartoonish, and was white!

worst dressed celebrities Marion Cotillard black sequin dress

Marion Cotillard – in Chanel Haute Couture

Marion Cotillard also wore Chanel to the same Opening Season Paris Opera Ballet Gala that Keira Knightley attended, and her outfit was no less worrisome than her actress counterpart. I think it’s because Chanel hasn’t been doing it for me he last few seasons. The look isn’t feminine and gives her no shape, and those boots just seem so out of place. Sadly, it seems designers are running out of ideas and I don’t believe fashion is what it used to be.

What are your thoughts on celebrity fashion? Do you agree these are the worst dressed celebrities in major cities around the world?

– Simona Shemer

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Worst Dressed Celebrities In NYC, London and LA

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