How Women Are Being Poisoned: You Must Listen To This Podcast!

This episode of my podcast was one of the most memorable and chilling ones I recorded all year. It actually haunts me to this day. You are NOT going to want to miss this jaw-dropping episode. What started as wanting to delve into the foods that cause skin imbalances with Dr. Ben Johnson of Osmosis Beauty (which offers disruptive skincare and holistic wellness products) turned into an episode exposing how women are being slowly poisoned by the foods we eat and products we use, which can lead to devastating results.

How Women Are Being Poisoned

You MUST listen to Beauty is A Bitch S3 E13 How Women Are Being Slowly Poisoned Unwittingly, because it was illuminating to say the least. He claims (and I think we all suspected) that the beauty industry is all abo0ut marketing hype and NOT real results. But did we talk much about beauty? A little, but not really.

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Dr. Ben Johnson, Creator of Osmosis Beauty

Dr. Ben dropped a bomb right out of the gate. He claims that women are being poisoned through most of the foods available today. Particularly in the US because they have a high level of estrogenic toxins (preservatives, pesticides and chlorine/bleach) which distort our hormones and can cause female cancers like (breast, ovarian and uterine). These “unseen” poisons are in our water supply and our foods. And it’s time we wake up and demand better. Eating organic is only part of the answer.


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What We Discuss in The Podcast

  • Why there are so many toxins hidden in our food and water and how brands get away with it.
  • How vegans are not safe either. Much of what they consume is toxic too.
  • Face mapping and how you can tell what’s causing your breakouts (it’s usually our diets and toxins causing skin imbalances).
  • What foods to avoid.
  • The one source of vegan protein EVERYONE is raving about but is really quite toxic.
  • The foods you should be eating.
  • The anti-aging topical product you might be using and should stop using ASAP.
  • The real skinny on probiotics.

There is so much more. You might want to grab a pen and take notes. You’ll never look at lemon water the same way again. You’ll also be mad as hell. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I am sharing some of this, but please listen to the podcast and make sure your friends do as well.

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