What Does Sustainable Fashion Look Like In 2020?

Sustainable fashion is one of the most commonly discussed issues of the past couple years, and it might be more relevant now than ever. And we’re fascinated and excited to see how different leaders and brands are proposing to take things forward.

Sustainable Fashion 2020

For instance, some popular brands including Moncler and Prada have taken out loans linked to sustainability. Other companies like UK-based outerwear brand Paynter have moved to a demand-based model. This is also a budding trend for indie brands and is essentially based around only producing what customers actually order, which makes all kinds of sense.

Moreover, fast-fashion is increasingly moving towards a more sustainable route. H&M has had sustainable and environmental initiatives going on for some time and  plans to continue down that path. Amazon has also halted the production of rayon and viscose from endangered and ancient forests for their private label brands. 


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And indie brands are doing all kinds of things related to sustainability, like making over deadstock clothing to creating limited collections produced by creators being paid a real living wage for their location.

Sustainable Initiatives apparel green leaf tshirt blue sky

Sustainable Initiatives Are Good for Business

Sustainability has been proven to be good for business with brands reporting increased sales after they’ve launched sustainability initiatives. After all, don’t you want to purchase from brands and companies that make you feel positive about their goals and motivations?

But all of that said, could the fashion industry leaders be really taking sustainability seriously, or has it become a term that’s been co-opted for marketing much like “green” or “eco-friendly”?

Or more than likely, some murky mix of both (and greenwashing is a real problem since all of these terms or descriptions aren’t particularly regulated, much like the organic label as it applies to food).

However, there are some companies that have been doing sustainable fashion well.

Sustainable Fashion Brands We Like

sustainable fashion Nisolo Lana Ankle Boot fountainof30
Nisolo Lana Ankle Boot black/black, now $118
Nisolo Lori Tote Bag black fountainof30
Nisolo Lori Tote, $170


Nisolo has been around for a while as one of the original sustainable fashion companies. Their sleek minimalist pieces produced mostly in their factory in Peru alongside other vetted ethical fashion partners are timeless. We especially like these almost flat ankle boots with the gold side zipper and the Lori tote. (It will definitely fit a 15 inch laptop from this writer’s own experience).

sustainable fashion WARP+WEFT jeans fountainof30
WARP+WEFT PDX – Bootcut 32″ AcaI, $97

Warp + Weft

A cutting edge denim company that produces sustainable products and doesn’t sacrifice style. For instance, these dark bootcut jeans look like they would be incredibly flattering with just about everything.

Girlfriend leggings model ballet stretch fountainof30
Girlfriend Fern FLOAT Seamless High-Rise Legging, $68

Girlfriend Collective

We are all probably wearing more athleisure than ever right now. So Girlfriend Collective’s leggings made from recycled water bottles (we’re fans of the fern colorway if you want an alternative to black) might be exactly what you want.

Patagonia Worn Wear® ReCrafted Overnight Bag blue denim fountainof30
Patagonia Worn Wear® ReCrafted Overnight Bag – Medium, $167

Patagonia Recrafted

There’s an evolving array of options for outdoorsy types – or those of who are embracing that side of ourselves now – at Patagonia Recrafted. This is the brand’s unique way of recycling worn or slightly damaged pieces. You can trade in your old pieces and buy items made out of worn Patagonia products that have been given new life, like this sturdy weekend bag.

sustainable brand Pact Tie Front Midi Dress black fountainof30
Pact Tie Front Midi Dress, $60


Fair trade clothing where the workers make a living wage that is also size-inclusive and chic? Yes please we need more of that. And this Pact tie-front midi dress is perfect for right now. You can wear a real bra with it and the shape is adjustable when we probably all need that flexibility.

sustainable brand kotn fashion black t shirt dress fountainof30
Kotn Boat Neck T-shirt Dress, $48


We love a good t-shirt dress for casual days, and this black boat-neck one looks pretty perfect. And it’s from a brand that has a farm-to-table approach to clothing so you can trace the origin of your items.

Room In The Market For More

With many “traditional” fashion companies filing for bankruptcy or restructuring, there’s room in the market for some game changers. And as everything else is changing, it is time for the fashion industry to follow suit – or perhaps lead the charge, since that wouldn’t be unprecedented.

The Lipstick Index

After all, lipstick used to be the indicator of economic health and confidence! But the historic lipstick index might be replaced by something else due to masking (we’re betting on eyebrow products or hand cream), but there’s no denying the fact that we all want a little pick-me-up right now and that can definitely come in the form of a new item of any kind.

How do you feel about sustainable efforts from various fashion brands? Are you considering sustainability when you are ordering new items, if you are even doing that right now? Let us know in the comments or on our Growing Younger Facebook page!

– Jacqueline Zenn

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