Wear It Now: Black & White Stripes

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! OK, if I saw someone wearing a black and white striped suit that is what I would think, but done correctly black and white stripes are irresistible. Let’s be honest, prison uniforms are now orange so there is no risk of looking like you dug yourself out of a tunnel.

Olivia Palermo at PFW Spring '17
Olivia Palermo at PFW Spring ’17

I love how Olivia mixed her stripes above. If you dare to go there make sure the stripes are different widths. Or play it safe and wear one striped piece at a time. Personally I always go for vertical stripes since the eye is then forced to look from up to down, therefore making you appear slimmer. If the eye moves from side to side, the opposite will happen. See? You can wear stripes. It just comes down to the stripes you pick.

Take any of the below and pair it with a black item. Say the black and white striped jacket? I would totally rock it with a black blouse and black pants. Or since I am a little more daring I might try the combo worn by Olivia above. Note: notice her hair, makeup and accessories are simple. The stripes grab enough attention. Overdone jewelry or makeup would completely ruin the effect and could possibly make her look clown-like.


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Here are some picks for black and white stripes you can and should wear now (I threw one black and white color-blocked top in there – towards the bottom – because I think it will match perfectly with black and white striped pants!).



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