The Good Wife Costume Designer Visits Chicago for Lafayette 148 New York Event

dan-lawson-lafayette-148-brand-ambassador-models Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue hosted a special styling event presented by Lafayette 148 New York Brand Ambassador and CBS Costume Designer Dan Lawson. Dan was  the designer behind the looks on the hit show The Good Wife and will continue with the spinoff series slated for February. Dan used a great deal of Lafayette 148 New York fashions on the show – and I knew it! I know the brand well (sleek styling, flattering fit and gorgeous Italian fabrics) because Second City Style hosted a styling event for the brand. I especially noticed Lafayette 148 New York on Christine Baranski‘s character on the show, with her sleek and colorful wardrobe of not-so usual suits with statement jewelry (also a brand trademark). Guests were fans of Lafayette 148 New York (which includes me), fans of The Good Wife and many women I met were attorneys! The evening started with cocktails and light bites followed by an exciting fall presentation with Dan Lawson walking us though the looks. He encouraged women to go ahead and touch the apparel on the models! Lafayette 148 New York fabrics (including hand painted hombre cashmeres, wools, leathers and suedes) are beyond amazing so you have to touch them! lafayette-148-ny-event-chicago-nm-touch-fabrics-fashion-show Dan won our hearts because he grew up in the Midwest in a small city in Indiana and went to Northwestern University and as you probably know the show itself was centered in Chicago. The presentation gave everyone many ideas of how to wear the new fall pieces and how they translate for business to evening to casual wear. For example the same gorgeous sweater with sparkle can be worn under a jacket for work, without the jacket for evening or with jeans on the weekend. neiman-marcus-lafayette-148-skirt-jacket-fall-16 After the presentation a group of guests chatted with Dan. He told us that it helped that he knew Chicago from his college years, so when he designed for Julianna Margulies (aka Alicia Florrick on the show) he thought of her as a North Shore woman. He told us earlier on in the show, she was a bit more timid with her wardrobe, after all she was just getting back into the workforce and her husband was in prison. As her character became stronger, so did her wardrobe. Dan told us he styled Christine Baranski‘s character, Diane Lockhart, according to her character. She is a powerful woman who is confident and he thinks of her as a New York attorney who is professional but can wear whatever she wants. The most remarkable thing he said is how important underwear is for television. “A sports bra is not gonna cut it!” he joked, so he makes sure the actresses have the proper undergarments, too. I asked him if he uses special colors to work with the existing set or if they change it for him. He pointed out that sometimes the actor will be in 5 locations in the same look, so he has to take it all into consideration. But he works very closely with the set designers and he has had to tell them, “Please, I have the greatest look for her and can you change the color of that wall?” And they will change it for him. His success in this business is a lot like everything else you do. “I always keep in mind we are all working together for the same cause – to put on a great show!”   neiman-marcus-fall-16-women-shopping-chicago-lafayette-148-ny neiman-marcus-fall-16-dan-lawson-with-shoppers guests-and-carol-calacci-talking-to-dan-lawson We hope we see Dan Lawson back in Chicago and can’t wait to see his work on The Good Wife spinoff! We will assuredly spot more Lafayette 148 New York fashion and know the actors are wearing proper underpinnings! Shop Lafayette 148 New York at Neiman Marcus. Visit Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue | 737 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago IL 60611 | 312-642-5900 – Carol Calacci Photos: John Reilly Photography

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