What To Wear Now: Effortless Halloween Costumes

It’s almost that time of the year again – time for candy, haunted houses, scary movies and coming up with a Halloween costume that doesn’t involve a ton of time, effort or other ridiculousness.

Some of us love Halloween and spend all year planning our costumes. That’s great if you’re that type. However, this article is then not for you. It’s for those of us who want to participate in the spirit of the holiday without spending tons of money or time on a costume.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween costumes you can make out of things you already own or can easily acquire:


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Big Cat. Do you love all things animal print and/or do you own a slinky little black dress? If so, you have it pretty easy on Halloween. Pick up some cat ears and add a cat-eye with your eyeliner, and that’s about it. Makeup For Ever Ink Liner is one of our favorites for a dramatic feline look that would be purrrrrfect (see what we did there) for more toned down every day styles as well.

Old Hollywood Bombshell. If you have a satin cocktail dress, long beaded gown or anything that’s equally glamorous and somewhat vintage-looking (like a long string of pearls), just throw a feather boa or faux fur stole on top of it, curl your hair Veronica Lake or Marilyn Monroe style and add some red lipstick for a silver screen siren ensemble. Get bonus points when you draw on a beauty mark. Whether you splurge on this Helmut Lang fur wrap or pick up something basic from H&M or Zara, you’ll be ready for your close-up. Oh and you will probably wear the wrap all winter long too.

Freudian Slip. Slip dresses are so hot right now, and all you need to pull this one off is to pin strategically chosen words and phrases associated with the famous shrink to a dress you’d wear anyway and you’re all set (Ego, ID, dreams, memories, desires, suppression, and repressions all work, but be as creative and/or as risque as you’d like!). We like this lace trimmed slip dress by Leith that would also make a great layering piece on non-Halloween days.

Rosie The Riveter. You probably already own a chambray shirt like this one by Levi’s and some basic five-pocket jeans. Add a bandana tied around your head, some red lipstick and you’re ready to show off your biceps and general toughness as the feminist icon.

Classic Rocker. This is perfect for anyone who loves the hippie or boho looks along with the music of the sixties and seventies. Mix and match some combination of an embroidered top or jacket, paisley or psychedelic prints, velvet bell bottoms, platform boots like this embellished burgundy pair by Stuart Weitzman, center parted hair, and piles of jewelry a la Janis Joplin. Bonus points if you can carry around and/or actually play the guitar.

Unicorn. Otherwise known as putting a horn (and some glitter) on it. Do you have a headband that you’re willing to sacrifice to the gods of Halloween? Good, now you can attach a horn to it (make one from paper and glitter if you’re crafty), wear a colorful outfit and pastel rainbow makeup like the shades in Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette, and you’re a unicorn.

Emojis. This might be the easiest costume of all. Just wear all black and an Emoji mask, and you’re all set. Plus it works as a group costume too if you get a bunch of masks for your friends or family.

So what are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Do you go all out for the holiday, are you a last minute costume expert or something in between? We want to know, especially if you have good ideas that don’t involve spending lots of time, money, or effort on your Halloween look.

Pictured Above (from left to right):

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner, $23

Helmut Lang Faux Fur Wrap Tie Vest, $425

Leith Lace Hem Slipdress, $59

Levi’s Modern Sawtooth Shirt, $70

Stuart Weitzman Florish Suede and Velvet High Heel Booties, $575

Urban Decay Moondust Palette, $49

Emoji Mask Disguise Sunglasses Emoticon Adult Mask, $7.99

– Jacqueline Zenn

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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